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Plucky Everyday


I´m thrilled to publish my latest design: «Plucky Everyday». This pattern can be downloaded for free, here: Plucky Everyday

I´m even more thrilled to update this post by telling you that this pattern is currently in the top 10 in Ravelry´s “hot right now”!! (28th of september). Quite happy about that…actually…..!!!! (well…very happy…indeed!!!)

This pattern is inspired by: Purl Bee´s ” Everyday Linen Raglan

The yarn is Plucky Feet by the Plucky Knitter

I was intrigued by the simplicity of this baseball pullover and since I was lucky enough to get hold of some of The Plucky Knitter yarn, this pattern seemed like the obvious choice. I wasn´t sure that the amount of wool would be enough for long arms. 3/4 arms would be okay, but I prefer them long, very long in fact. So, I found it safest to start at the top, and therefore had to reconstruct the whole pattern anyway.  I also added a wider neckline, and constructed the longer-back a bit differently.

Yarn: «Plucky Feet» from Plucky Knitter; 90% merino and 10% nylon.

I ordered 4 skeins in the color “Medieval”, and used all 4 skeins (each 115 g), with a rest of 87 g.

Needles: Circular and DPN´s: size 3,5 mm (US 4)

Gauge: 22 st(s) x 36 rows = 10 x 10 cm (4 inch.)

Technique: top-down, raglan, seamless, longer in the back, positive ease.

One size only: European 38-40 (M)

Plucky Feet is a fingering weight yarn, and I have used a bigger size knitting needle than indicated with this yarn. Please check your gauge if you knit this pullover in another yarn.

The result is a very soft, yet “firm” pullover, which stays true to gauge and construction after washing.

This pattern can be downloaded for free, here: Plucky Everyday

Thanks to my beautiful and sporty model!

Author: woolandgathering

I´m a dedicated knitter. I share my house with an unknown amount of wool. My kind of wool seems to multiply like quicksilver, -drop a skein to the floor and you get 10 in return….. (well… get is maybe an exaggeration….) So I keep on knitting to try to get on top of it, enjoying the process, the texture of the yarn and the endless possibilities in creating new garments.

8 thoughts on “Plucky Everyday

  1. I was unable to download the “plucky” pattern successfully. I love the sweater….I like the idea of knitting top down for this ….but when I downloaded the pattern, the pdf file was empty?…would you consider emailing the free pattern to me?

    • Hi Kathy. I´ve checked my “Plucky” on Ravelry, and I can´t find anything wrong with the pdf uploaded there. I´ll e-mail you the pattern though, and hope this was just a one-time error… Wish you a nice weekend. -Cecilie

  2. Happy New year! I just downloaded your beautiful pattern and am very excited to start, but I am confused by the directions for M1L and M1R. Can I just do a M1L and M1R by picking up the strand of yarn between the stitches?

    • Hi
      No, because the “seam”-like effect will then not appear.
      But, I checked the pattern, and I´m very grateful for your question, as it seems I´ve mixed left and right here:)
      If you check abbreviations on page 4, it´s supposed so say:
      M1L: make one left: knit the main stitch, and then knit the stitch below the main stitch.
      M1R: make one right: Put right hand needle in the stitch below the main stitch, and knit it, then knit the main st.
      I hope this makes matters a bit clearer for you, and I´m sorry for the inconvenience. I´ll correct the pattern straight away!
      And good luck with your Plucky Everyday!

  3. I’m having a lot of trouble following your instructions for the neckline shaping, could you give a row by row explanation for that section? Is it possible there are typos in this pattern? I see instructions to K when I’m looking at a row of P, and the numbers don’t seem to line up. Are the short rows supposed to be between markers 1&2 and 3&4? There’s no general discussion of where they should be. Also, do you have every 2nd row being completed fully around after backtracking to the short row between markers 3&4, because it just says to repeat the short rows every 2nd row, and doesn’t specify when “every other” row begins and ends. I really like your finished result, but the pattern has me about to give up.

    • Hi Jess, and sorry for your troubles with Plucky Everyday.
      I´ll try to generalize here, just to try to give you an overall picture. Increases by the “seams” are done every second row. The short rows are done every row, -during the first 8 rows. We are creating 8 extra rows by turning work (TW) and doing a yarn over (YO). The YO stitch we created are just a temporary one, and are knitted together with the next stitch in the next row, to prevent holes.
      If you can imagine a line center back, and a line center front, we are TW (creating extra rows) in total 4 times. We want the neckline to be “higher” than the front, and therefore we start creating extra rows in the back, and work our way to the front. It does´nt really matter where we TW, but if we still imagine center back and center front, my idea was to TW some st(s) before M1 (marker 1). The next TWs will be at the shoulders. One some st(s) after M1, and the next some st(s) before M2. The last TW will be a few st(s) after M2, in the front part. Mirror this and do the same on the other side of the “imaginary back- and center lines”. In total we turn work 8 times; 2 in the back, 4 at the shoulders and 2 in the front.
      The numbers in the pattern is to my knowledge correct, but it´s maybe a bit confusingly written. Sorry about that, but I hope I´ve managed to explain the general idea, and that it will be of some help. Good luck.
      Best wishes

  4. I’m sorry, I’m sure I’m annoying you with these questions, but now I’m on a mission. AH AH AH! I just realized my mistake – I was thinking of marker 1 as the first marker on the front – left of front center. But marker 1 is on the back, right? It’s right of back center. My whole perspective was off. I’m going to go work on this and see if that changes anything. Thank you so much for replying, btw, I really appreciate it. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a little kid and I’m great with stitching, but she was one of those craft goddesses who knitted men’s suits and would have laughed at the thought of using a pattern, so I got no instruction in following written instructions 🙂

    • Hi Jess
      Yes, marker 1 is in the back. I know how you feel about this. I usually knit “by the eye”, and I am forced to think differently when following a written pattern, especially american ones:) …and I feel I have to squeeze my brain to get it right. And when writing down my own pattern I´ve tried to meet the demands for line to line instructions, although it´s not my way of knitting. I´m working on it, and comments like yours will hopefully make me a better designer, so you´re not annoying:)
      I just read blogpost about this subject (I had to comment on it…), you can find it here.
      Still good luck and my best wishes

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