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Thinking of sewing…

I just can´t sit still! The thought of not knitting is so new to me, that my whole world in some way , has to be reinvented! Seriously? It feels like my personality is dependent on knitting!! …. So I´m thinking of things I can do when not knitting….

This is a post about thinking of sewing:

I consider myself lucky! I´ve seen both the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and the Aurora Australis (southern lights). When you live in Norway, the night sky occasionally lightens up in a spectacular live-show, -better than any tv-entertainment…. it might look like this:RPHsR1NuqyJXxWVLRwUBzQF_mwklEIe4WCp2QdF6RPbQ

I spent 6 months in Australia in ´89-90 (literally a century ago), and I had the opportunity to witness the Aurora Australis as well. The night-sky over a West-Australian farm landscape was covered inimages-1 something that looked like a sharp pink, slow-moving sand-storm. I´ve actually never witnessed a sand-storm, so this equation is pretty stupid really, -but I´ve seen it on TV, and to those of you not living in an arctic or antarctic area (Aurora Australis is the Antarctic equality of Aurora Borealis…), this might give you a clue as to how this light moves across the sky.

20 months ago, my dear Australian cousin gave birth to a baby-girl. Names were discussed, and she gave me a hint to which names they were considering. Amongst them was Aurora! (another one was Lily – to which I replied – maybe a bit too sharply (ehm!) that any woman of this family will never – and I repeat – never(!) be a prima ballerina, and will surely not break in the first spring storm….! We´re not the petite type. We can carry the load, …and look like we can carry the load too….:))

My mum actually sent me to ballet-classes when I was 7. So I know what I´m talking about. She drove for 2 hours each thursday, only to achieve a daughter who, ecstatically told her father afterwards that: «I ran faster than any of the other girls in ballet»! I only had to do 6 months of ballet lessons…..

So, of course I gave my thumbs up for Aurora! What better name to give an Australian baby who´s grandmother is Norwegian?

Aurora 3_2295-1So I give you Lily Aurora:) The most beautiful girl I´ve never met! (I just know!) My own girl is turning 13(!?) theese days and I can no longer make small girls dresses, so Lily Aurora was in my thoughts when I ordered this fabric a while ago. I´ve, by force, made the space around the sewing machine for mending lately, but I have to make an effort to clean out the room, and excavate the sewing machine properly in order to sew up a few dresses for Lily Aurora.

These are the fabrics I intend to transforme:):


Double vacation….

My last posts has not been very jolly, and it would be great to bring some good news here. But not yet I`m afraid. First the cat sadly passed away, and then this happened! Note to self: don´t cut plastic-piping with knife!  IMG_3748

So now I´m on a forced knitting-vacation. And since easter-vacation is coming up, I´ll be the usual (?!) positive me and see it as an opportunity for a double vacation. No knitting, and a lot of this:images

«It consists of a thick bar, composed of wafer covered with milk chocolate, and divided into four fingers. Each finger can be snapped from the bar, one at a time. In shape and composition, Kvikk Lunsj is almost identical to Kit Kat, which was introduced two years earlier, in 1935.[1] On average a Norwegian eats approximately nine Kvikk Lunsjs every year, three of them at Easter. This means 4,500 tonnes of chocolate during the holidays. During the 1960s, Freia printed fjellvettreglene (Norwegian for “mountain sense/hiking sense”) on the back of the chocolate. Kvikk Lunsj is strongly associated in Norway with family hikes and (cross-country) ski trips in the mountains, which accounts for the increased consumption during Easter, when families often get together and ski trips are traditionally compulsory.» (from Wikipedia)

And this:IMG_0566Perfect for Cross-country skiing (hopefully also with just one stick….)

And I´ll be reading this:gone-girl-book-cover-homeThere´s tradition in Norway for reading thrillers during the easter-vacation. This year will be no exception…

Happy Easter!


But why?

My resent endeavour in Selbu-knitting didn´t work out, and now this! My skiing-socks have shrunk! Some would call it bad karma …I would call it plain bad luck!

To some, this will sound like swearing in a church (so just close your eyes if you´re a bit fragile), I wash all my wool in the washing machine! If the wool can´t stand it, -well, then I don´t want it! (except angora of course, and that´s why I don´t own any angora…)

My wool is not superwash, it´s usually 100% pure wool, or wool mixed with alpaca, cashmere, mohair, camel, silk, etc. In my opinion wool comes from sheep, and other animal fibers are …well – other animal fibers. (Silk is a plant fibre.) Textile producers and me are not walking hand-in-hand on this issue, but that´s not my primary concern right now. My skiing-socks are!IMG_3740

My beautiful socks! They´ve kept me warm for miles and miles of skiing, hours and hours of mountain-cabin-after-ski-fun-around-a-board-game, and just sitting around the house in winter time.

I´ve got a fairly cheap washing machine, but it has a good wool-programme. I´ve put my skiing socks in the washing machine many times before. Closed the door and pressed the button, -in good faith.

I knitted my socks in 1997, cut the worn out feet off and knitted new ones in 2008, and they´ve never shown any signs of felting. So why did they felt this time? Did I press the wrong button? -don´t think so because the fellow garments came out all right. Did I use the wrong detergent? -don´t think so because I always use wool-detergent when washing wool. Did I fill the machine too full of wool? – well, maybe? Maybe that´s the case ….

In any case I have to knit my self a new pair. Luckily I have the pattern, and the wool is still avaliable. I´ve previously knitted 4 pairs (including my felted ones + my extra feet), so I know the pattern, and it won´t be that hard …… just booooring!! Why?!

Pattern: Raumagarn Nr. 1063, Men´s Socks

Yarn: Rauma Finull 2-ply

Needles: 2 mm and 2,5 mm.

Gauge: 29 st = 10 cm.