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I had a sweet tooth yesterday…. not for chocolate, but for a knitting book. I went to my favourite book store, and found two books that I might be interested in buying. And that´s just it…. isn´t it? I mean; -might be interested in….?

One was this:

9788282053006A whole book about the «Marius» sweater, -one of (in my opinion) the three most popular Norwegian knitting patterns. It´s a beautiful book, -filled with both traditional patterns and new and quite inventive ways of using the «Marius» pattern, all presented to suit several levels of knitting skills. I´m guessing this book has contributed to the formidable amounts of «Marius» sweaters currently walking around. I love the fact that knitting is back in fashion in Norway, and I don´t mean just knitted items, because they have, in one form or another always been fashionable. But the fact that knitting, -as in actually buying the yarn, casting on and moving the needles to create a garment, has become «the thing to do».

Old knitters …well ehm, as in «Old»…. like me, are walking around a bit more proud of our skills, and knitters more new to the technique are confidently joining the parade.

But I didn´t buy the book. I would highly recommend it, but I have the pattern archived in my head. I´ve knitted it several times before, and I also have the written pattern in various editions, -the first one from the 60´s….

The other book I held in my hands was this:9788202387501

Sanna Vatanen is Finnish, and the book is translated (to my knowledge) to Swedish and Norwegian. The cover draws my attention, and the content reflects the cover. Love that about a crafts book! It´s filled with great ideas on how to knit and crochet using your scrap yarn, all well presented in a colorful and inventive way. …and when the front page model is wearing yellow John Fluevog shoes…. need I say more:)

But I didn´t buy this book either. I know who to borrow this book from.

So I left the crafts shelves, suddenly thinking about the book I only remember the title of whenever I´m in this particular book store. But they still didn´t have it….. Internet is the murderer of small town commerce. I´m aware that my local store, of whatever trade, can´t carry every little item I ´m currently in the pursue of, and going home to press the buy button on your computer is very easy. So I found a book for my daughter feeling very pleased for being politically correct, -buying locally. And then I saw it! Not a knitting book timthumb.phpas such, but very knitting related. A book about knitting UFO´s. I could vaguely remember reading about this art project some years ago. I brought it home and spent a few hours giggling. Apart from really enjoying the pictures and the stories, I felt something that can´t be translated into English. And the only reason for this is that the word and the concept of the word simply doesn´t excist in English. The Germans has it: «schadenfreude», as has the Scandinavian languages. In Norwegian: «skadefryd». It basically means the joy you feel over other people’s misery! Not the proudest word, -I know!  The excellent Australian stand-up comedian Adam Hills makes a really enjoyable point of this in one of his shows (either «Characterful» or «Joymonger», -can´t remember which). I brought the book to my knitting-cafè this evening, and the restrained giggles as the book passed around the table made me realize I wasn´t alone in feeling «skadefryd» when seeing other people’s knitting-miseries splashed out for everybody to see. We all have them, on the bottom of the knitting-basket, in the far back of the shelves in the house´ most untidy room or as I once did; -framed the lonely glove, signed it, named it «One of a Kind» and gave it to my father for xmas. It still hangs there on the wall, forever lonely 20 years later…. Remember the sweater only missing 1/3 of an arm, -or the pair of mittens with two right thumbs? Some unfinished projects ends up irritating you so much that you couldn´t even be bothered removing the knitting needles! But that´s the exception, -mostly the needles are left in because you still have a plan……

Author: woolandgathering

I´m a dedicated knitter. I share my house with an unknown amount of wool. My kind of wool seems to multiply like quicksilver, -drop a skein to the floor and you get 10 in return….. (well… get is maybe an exaggeration….) So I keep on knitting to try to get on top of it, enjoying the process, the texture of the yarn and the endless possibilities in creating new garments.

2 thoughts on ““Skadefryd”

  1. Actually, the word that we use in English IS schadenfreude (at least in Canada it is widely used and understood). One of the strengths of English is that English often takes in words from other languages (there are many more accepted words in English than in French, for example), and being a Germanic language in origin it makes sense to also take in German words! I have been following your blog for a little while – these books look great (envious)! The second one really intrigues me but I can’t read either language. 😦 I remember the John Fluevog store from Vancouver – if I am not mistaken he is Canadian. I used to drool over the shoes but as I was a student they were out of my price range!

  2. Thank you for enlightening me Stephanie! Scandinavian, German and English has all the same origin. I can make myself understood in German, and I´m very happy to be able to communicate in English, -not perfectly, but good enough:)
    I once ordered a pair of John Fluevog shoes (not in stores in Norway – believe there´s one in Iceland…. unfortunately never been there). Ordered them from the US. They were on sale, but still way too expensive…. After a few days they told me they were out of my size …luckily. Saved me food for a week 🙂 I´m enjoying their newsletter instead!

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