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Store Ringstind finished! (a while ago…)


tumblr_l6lily5w9l1qzvqipo1_1280The cast is off and the stitches are out, and my hand can slowly get back to normal. After a sunny Easter vacation my fingers are tanned, -but my hand is not! Looks funny, and it made me think of Alfred E. Newman and an issue of The magazine «MAD», many, many years ago:

The problem with wearing a cast on your hand, apart from the obvious unpractical ones, -is what to wear? Particularly what to wear when the activity in mind is particular, …like skiing. Will your Gore-Tex (or Down, or Fleece, or Primaloft) -jacket fit over the cast? And what about mittens?

Survival tip #1 when entering a Norwegian mountain-area is preparing for the worst. The weather can change in literally minutes, and shame on you if you´re not prepared! Well…. you might even die with your shame, ….and then your shame is not worth much! So, the clue is to fill your backpack 2/3´rds with security. I guess this rule applies to every mountain-area all over the world…

Two years ago we went to the Dormitor national park in Monte Negro, aiming for the highest peak: Bobotov Kuk 2523 m.

We reached the summit, and would highly recommend the hike! But on the way we met two young men from Sweden. They´d been wandering around in this national park for days searching for water! Being Scandinavian I can easily understand why they didn´t bring enough water of their own. Water can be found almost everywhere here and will, most likely, not be polluted or toxic. That´s NOT the case in Middle-European highlands, and my point is that you should always search for accurate information about the area you´re entering! We were able to provide these dehydrated, young med with 1,5 liters of water from our 2/3´rds secured backpacks, and also got the pleasure of seeing young men cry:)

So, though the weather, …and the weather forecast showed sun, sun, and only sun for the whole of Easter, I had to make sure my arm fit into my mountain gear. Luckily my cast was only fitted around half my arm, -to secure my thumb from moving, and I found a minimum of gear to fit. If  I had a broken arm, and a full cast, I´d been left in the city due to invalid gear…. Oh horrors!! (…or maybe not! A pair of scissors and some «Gaffa-tape» will get you a long way:))

Anyway, -the garment I wore the most this Easter was my «Store Ringstind» from this post. I´ve actually been wearing this almost daily since I finished it late February. I had to fish it out of the washing-basket to take these pictures….

You could put my whole upper-body in a cast – and it would still fit, and I love it! The New Zealand «Wool Company»´s Corriedale is a hard-wearing wool, but it still feels soft against the skin. The undyed «wheat-like» color has a natural warmth to it, and I´m very happy with the star-pattern. Though the sweater is long and oversized, the pattern does not look too insignificant compared to the rest of the sweater, -which could easily have been the case. All in all, -I feel I «hit the nail» with this design, and might work on it to be able to publish the pattern at some point…. Check out the sweater at my Ravelry project page.

Author: woolandgathering

I´m a dedicated knitter. I share my house with an unknown amount of wool. My kind of wool seems to multiply like quicksilver, -drop a skein to the floor and you get 10 in return….. (well… get is maybe an exaggeration….) So I keep on knitting to try to get on top of it, enjoying the process, the texture of the yarn and the endless possibilities in creating new garments.

6 thoughts on “Store Ringstind finished! (a while ago…)

  1. Lovely lovely design. I would buy that pattern!! Your colour choices are perfect and the yarn looks ideal as well. I must check out the company. I lived in Australia for a couple of years and appreciated the yarn I could get over in that part of the world.

    • Thank you Stephanie! Publishing this pattern would be great …but will need a lot of work… On my “to-do” list:) I was actually introduced to Corriedale staying in Australia 24 yrs ago:) I was shown a bit of fibre from Corriedale sheep, and told: “this is the best fibre in the world!” Not my words…, but I just love yarn from Corriedale sheep, and will definitely use it again!

  2. I came over from ravelry to see your beautiful sweater again, I hope your hand mends quickly. Love the mountain climbing photos and story.

    • Thank you Lori! My hand is healing much faster than expected ….must be the activity and the mountain air! (the activity level not really approved by the doctor …but then again:))

  3. That is a beautiful example of minimalist Scandinavian design! It’s absolutely stunning.

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