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Gerda´s Cardigan IV…

IMG_5038I didn´t get around to cast on my Gerda´s Cardigan as I promised in this post yesterday because my house was filled with a bunch of the sweetest, giggling 14-year olds having a birthday party, that included food (lots of it! …how do they manage?), music and lots of dancing …and as mentioned: giggling!

I was politely asked to leave the house and forgot to bring my knitting?!

Spring is finally here with sun and temperatures that allows me to sit outside, and apart from a short bike ride, I´ve been doing a lot of outside knitting today. Feels great! The kitchen sink looks like this, but either of us can be bothered to do something about it… We´re dining elsewhere tonight anyway!

This is what my knitting-in-the-sun-day has produced: my Gerda´s Cardigan IV, and the colors work wonderfully! And though I could knit this pattern in the blind, the yarn and the colors keeps it interesting enough to make me want to finish it as soon as possible! And by the way; I decided on the color: rêves fragiles (the chestnut like…) as my main color.

bildeThe weather has also allowed me a couple of kayak trips during the week. I had my first swim for the season, not voluntary and rather unpleasant! About 5 degrees celsius in the sea, and I think I can wait a bit longer before I jump in the fjord again. Not that I jumped, – I rather slowly rolled over, like in slow motion, and all I could think of was the shock I would get when the water reached inside the wetsuit. And since you´re sort of prepared for this shock you would think it feels less like a shock …well it does not! My kayak skills are a bit rusty, but I´m getting there. The weather forecast is at least promising 🙂


I´m casting on my new Gerda´s Cardigan tonight…

I´ve got the yarn on my wish list, and I´m casting on tonight!

This is going to be another stripy Gerda´s Cardigan in Old Maiden Aunt´s Alpaca/Silk, the same as seen in the heading of this blog. This time in the colors: moody + rêves fragiles. A stunning combination, and my only problem is which color I want as the main color….

To be continued….

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Progress on Landfall, post II…

IMG_4857I know I promised not to post any progress on my “Landfall” by Brooklyn Tweed, designed by Veronik Avery, before it was finished. Well I obviously lied 🙂

Progress is slow, –  much too slow for my liking, but there´s still progress! This is turning out to be “the project of 2014” – all 12 months…

I think my problem is that I can´t figure out how to knit this without using a cable-needle for every-other stitch. Almost all the “pattern-stitches” are twisted and cabling them are impossible without a cable-needle!! So I think I can be excused for not working on this all the time…

But I´ve finished the back-panel and the linings for the pockets. Now on to the front-panels!

I know I´m repeating myself here; – but this yarn is perfect for this design!! I can´t wait to wear this, …maybe in december?

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Winter ♥ II…

I´ve finished my second Winter ♥. The first one I knitted for my daughter, and I just had to have one for myself. It´s the perfect slouchy, oversized, raglan, longer-in-the-back, «goes with anything» kind of sweater, and it´s an easy knit on large needles. The yarn: Drops ♥ You #3, a «thick´n thin» alpaca/wool based yarn is knit on 5 mm ( US 8) needles, and produces an interresting texture without any hazzle… Great for this kind of garment!

This will be my new favorite, – as it has been for my daughter!

I´ve got more of this yarn, and I´m thinking of a grandpa-style cardigan, following the same pattern as in the sweater. I´d have to knit it flat with a v-neck and add button-bands and pockets …I think…

I´ve got a pattern for this sweater nearly ready, and though this is a very easy knit, I wrote the pattern for an «educational» reason. I wanted to show by graph and by pictures the way to do short-rows and how to shape a neckline. This sweater is knit top-down, a great way to knit a sweater, because you can try on the garment along the way and adjust the measurements to your size.

Knitting, and in particular knitting-design, includes a ton of calculating: yardage, gauge, numbers of stitches or rows, – and how does this all go together for the different sizes…? And I have some calculating left before finishing writing this pattern.

If you´re ever in need of a engineer to calculate the next lift-off to the moon or oil-drilling project in the North-Sea, call a knitting-designer! On the top of my head; – I would recommend you to call La Maison Rililie, Veera Välimäki, Helga Isager or Lene Holme Samsøe, – or any other designer. But please, don´t call me! I´m a novise at the game, – and by the way, I´m busy 🙂


Rip it or redesign it…?

I finished this sweater, way back, in ´93. The organic wool/silk yarn was bought in a health food store. I moved in the «middle of» knitting this sweater …that happens – depending on how long it takes to knit a boring sweater …and as we all know, that may take a few years 🙂

But I decided, at one point, to finish the sweater, and was in need of more yarn.

And here´s the story: That yarn was only sold in this store, and since this was before the internet I had to call around to find out what I already knew, this yarn was only sold in this particular store!, which was on an island on the west coast of Norway… I lived on the west-coast of Norway, but not anywhere near this store, and I knew it would take me a 5 hours boat trip, – and then a 2 hour bus trip to get to this store… In addition I had absolutely no reason to stay in this place, but could, if I used a bit of imagination, make this place / store a part of my journey to go to a destination of choice. So I made a 10 hour trip out of a regular 6 hour trip just to buy more of this yarn, …and here´s the thrilling bit: I had to persuade the bus-driver to wait for me while I ran into this particular store to «rescue» more yarn! And who do you think was «hanging» in front of the counter as I stood there, jumping and waiting to pay for my yarn before the bus left me with my luggage on board…? Yeah, you´re absoutely right: the «Oh hang on, I think I have a coin here at the bottom of my handbag, just give me a minute and to clear away all this junk…» -kind of customer! So I just threw the money on the counter and ran back to the bus, just in time to avoid the bus-driver from getting a fit…!!

So I made myself guilty of two crimes that day: one when I made the bus driver and all the other passengers wait for me, and secondly, and the most serious one;  when I made the owner of this particular store think that I stole this yarn, or at least cheated her. Because she had no way of knowing that I actually paid enough for this yarn! Which I did by the way, – I just did not have the time to wait for my change, and tried to wave the yarn in front of her to let her know how many skeins I ran out of the store with… I hope she didn´t lay awake that night feeling she had been robbed!

This sweater was in frequent use for some years, but now I think it´s time to either rip it or rescue it. I´ve got some more of this yarn, so there´s possibilities here…

Maybe I should cut it open in the front and make a shawl-collar…? Maybe I could add pockets and ribbing at the bottom of the body and the arms…? …*thinking*…IMG_4864

It´s interresting to see the difference in the yarn before- and after washing. The skein on the right in this picture has been washed, and the left one – and the yarn one on the needles – has not…

If I, on the other hand, decide to rip it I could make an entirely different garment …?