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Don’t give up…

No, I´m not referring to the Peter Gabriel / Kate Bush song from IMG_6073´86. It´s not that serious, it´s just (ehrm!) yarn-related…

I´ve made an effort to remove some of the color from my overdyed “Mari” mohair yarn from this post. I managed to remove some of the yellow, it´s now a shade of purple…, so I´m sort of (…and hopefully) back to scratch.

I´m aiming to overdye the yarn to make it look close to the color in the last picture … a very dark, warm gray. I´ll give this yarn one more go, -and if anyone would give me some good advise…?

And when I say “one more go”, that´s exactly what I mean… I realize this yarn is an “impossible project”, but I´m not ready to give it up just yet!

I have a plan…

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On the needles…

bildeI really should be doing non-knitting related things right now. We have a big happening coming up which demands planning, organizing and quite a bit of sewing. More of that later…

I still find myself knitting – as always, and may feel quite annoyed, just by hearing myself telling myself to put down the knitting and go and do something more useful. Grown up? -not really…

Well, I´ll finish this post and go do something more useful. Promise!

Here´s what´s on my needles at the moment:



A “kofte” (cardigan) in Hillesvåg´s Ask (Hifa 2). I´m writing down the pattern, and enjoy every stitch of it. I need more yarn, so it will have to rest for a bit. In the meantime I can knit more on this beauty:



This is the result (so far…) of my visit to Lundegård Alpakka the other day. It´s going to be a shawl based on my Moscow Shawl Copy.

Wish you all a great weekend!


A great Alpaca day…

I had the pleasure of visiting a local Alpaca Farm today: Lundegård Alpakka, in Tysvær, Norway. I was greeted by the owner Britt and a few of the “guys” in the most beautiful spring weather.

They keep their 30+ alpacas for breeding and fiber production. They got yarn spun from a few fleeces last year, and will increase the production this year. They aim to be able to produce 100 % ecological yarn, and I´m very happy to find locally spun alpaca yarn from happy animals – they even have names! Meet: Olav, Laffen, Edwin and Marius.

I got to bring home 3 skeins of the softest fingering alpaca. This natural white color is clearly a bit different from natural white sheep´s wool. It´s deeper and looks more “faded”. I think I would call this color “putty” (nor.: kitt ). I love this color! I can´t wait to start knitting, and if you hang around this blog a bit more, you´ll definitely hear more about this project!

Lundegård Alpakka

Lundegård Alpakka

Other news: The kayak-season has started. Had my second day on the fjord today. I´m thrilled!!


Lonely Tree Shawl II…

I´ve just knit the “Lonely Tree Shawl” for the second time. This pattern from Sylvia Bo Bilvia, a hit on Ravelry, recommends a worsted weight yarn. The first time I used a fingering weight alpaca yarn, and had to knit the pattern chart twice to get it big enough. This time I used Merino Worsted from Abuelita Yarns. Both shawls are gifts, -so I guess I will have to knit a third one. I want one too….


Still Lonely Shawl:IMG_3230_medium2

IMG_5867_medium2Speaking of shawls – I have this shawl on my needles. I´m making it up as I go, but It´s clearly influenced by a Veera Välimäki shawl, only a bit different. We´ll see how it ends up looking… The purple yarn is The Verdant Gryphon´s Mithril in Wild Pansy, and the yellow is Garnudsalg.dk´s Italian Single Tweed in Sol.

We have two days left of the Easter holiday here, and are currently busy skiing. The weather is fine and the snow is perfect! Not much time for knitting I´m afraid…

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Where do you get the inspiration from?

I´ve often been asked that question… And the answer is; everywhere!

Sometimes it´s the skein of yarn itself that gives me a clear image of what it will look like as a sweater. It can be a color combination that begs to become a pair of mittens, or it can be a shape of a garment that I want to recreate in my knitting…

Once I saw this picture in a book. The book is “Sparat” by Celia B. Dackenberg. She is a Swedish author, known for her work related to handicrafts, and was the editor for “Hemslöjd” for many years. The book has several knitting patterns, mostly recreations of childrens-wear from the 50´s and 60´s.

I was fascinated by the picture of an American textile. It was the colors, the simplicity and the repeated pattern that made me want to try to transfer the pattern to a knitting chart.

That worked fairly well, and I knit a turtle-neck sweater. I loved the sweater, but after 10 yrs in the back of the wardrobe I had to ask myself the inevitable question; should I throw it away – or change it…

Unfortunately I forgot to take a “before” picture, but here´s what it looks like after the “makeover”. It´s already my “new” favorite cardigan! Thanks to my lovely model (and daughter). I am now the proud mother of a 15 year old…. Time flies… Happy birthday H!!