Knitting, design, wool and other gatherings….


My name is Cecilie Oddenes. I´m a dedicated knitter in my early forties. I live in a small town on the west coast of Norway. I share my house with my daughter and an unknown amount of wool. My kind of wool seems to multiply like quicksilver, -drop a skein to the floor and you get 10 in return….. (well… get is maybe an exaggeration….) So I keep on knitting to try to get on top of it, enjoying the process, the texture of the yarn and the endless possibilities in creating new garments.

woolgathering |ˈwoŏlˌgað(ə)ri ng |nounindulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining; absentmindedness : he wanted to be free to indulge his woolgathering. 

Gathering of the tufts of  wool shed by sheep and caught on bushes.

I chose the name: woolandgathering for several reasons:

1. I am a wool gatherer, and I quite often find myself in an absentminded state of mind when in a creative mood.

2. One of my knitting heroes Elizabeth Zimmermann used the word Woolgathering as heading for her publications.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Marget


  2. Thanks for the like on my post.

  3. I am also a big fan of Elizabeth Zimmerman.

  4. Interesting read concerning the Selbu mittens. We at Selbu spinneri works a lot on that topic – and cooperate with the museum and an handicraft/textile artist. We have just made a pattern based on two f the older patterns. The man’s mitten has cuffs, but the woman’s mittens has the “blondevekk” which was much used during the late 1800 and later. it is possible to purchase the pattern from us, by sending av email. In 2016 a book with a lot of the older patterns will be published!

    • I really like the work you are doing at Selbuspinneri. The preservation of- and spinning of these wonderful types of fibers is very important! I haven´t got around to trying any of your yarn yet – but I surely will!

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