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Progress on Landfall, post II…

IMG_4857I know I promised not to post any progress on my “Landfall” by Brooklyn Tweed, designed by Veronik Avery, before it was finished. Well I obviously lied 🙂

Progress is slow, –  much too slow for my liking, but there´s still progress! This is turning out to be “the project of 2014” – all 12 months…

I think my problem is that I can´t figure out how to knit this without using a cable-needle for every-other stitch. Almost all the “pattern-stitches” are twisted and cabling them are impossible without a cable-needle!! So I think I can be excused for not working on this all the time…

But I´ve finished the back-panel and the linings for the pockets. Now on to the front-panels!

I know I´m repeating myself here; – but this yarn is perfect for this design!! I can´t wait to wear this, …maybe in december?


New pattern: “Winter Tires” / “Vinterdekk”…


Winter Tires / Vinterdekk

Scroll down for Norwegian / Norsk lenger ned på siden:

Twice a year you´ll find Norwegian car-owners breaking their backs changing tires. All 4 tires must be replaced by tires more suited to the environment. Winter roads can be very slippery (read; icy), and it´s required to be prepared for any road conditions. I guess many people will drive their car to a Garage and let the professionals take care of the job, -but not me! Oh no, I get my hands dirty twice a year! I´m currently down to doing the whole operation in 30 minutes. (*hearing applause*) Thank you!

Every spring I dress the car in summer tires. And every fall I take them off and replace them with winter tires. Winter tires are different from summer tires (which are the sort of tires you probably have on your car…), in many ways. The rubber used are different. The pattern, and the depth of the sipes, are different. Summer tires has a minimum depth of 1,6 mm, while winter tires has a depth of 5mm (min. 3mm). There´s a version of winter tires with studs in them (snow tires.wiki). I prefer those (feels safer), but they´re not good for the environment because they whirl up asphalt dust if the road is not covered in snow or ice. In some Norwegian cities you will be charged extra to use these tires. I´m environment-friendly in the sense that I use the non-studded tires (not that I find driving a car to be especially sustainable for the environment in the first place, -but I live in a quite remote area and need a car to get, well, anywhere…) But I do bike to work!


Winter Tires / Vinterdekk

I´ve called my new beanie/hat pattern «Winter Tires» because the texture of the cables together with the color of the bulky yarn reminds me of winter tires. You can chose to make it studded by adding silver beads! What a great idea!! Note to self! Must make spiked version…

  • Yarn: Bulky: Mirasol Yarn «SULKA» col. S 211 Black
  • 60% merino, 20% alpaca, 20% silk
  • 3 skeins à 50 g/50 m(55 yd) (2 skeins without the pom-pom.)
  • Tip: make the pom-pom in scrap yarn…
  • Gauge: 16 st(s) = 10 cm /4 inch.
  • Needles: Circular needle 40 cm and double pointed needles; 6 mm / US 10.
  • Tools: Cable needle, tapestry needle, 1 stitch-marker, pom-pom maker.
  • One size: Fits head-circumference 54 – 58 cm / 211/2 – 223/4 inch. The size can be altered by using another yarn, alt. change needle size.

Cozy, cabled, oversized beanie. Easy and quick knit.

The yarn is soft yet firm, and is perfect for a beanie. The merino/alpaca/silk mix adds a very nice shine and the result is a «no itch» hat.

The pom-pom is of course optional. The pattern costs nkr. 20,- ($ 3,25)

Winter Tires / Vinterdekk

Winter Tires / Vinterdekk


Jeg har kalt mitt nye luemønster “Vinterdekk” fordi flettemønsteret i det tykke, svarte garnet minner meg om vinterdekk. Du kan velge å strikke inn sølv-perler for å lage en piggdekk versjon…

  • Garn: Bulky: Mirasol Yarn «SULKA» farge: S211 svartmelert
  • Føres i Norge via “Du Store Alpakka”.
  • 60% merinoull, 20% alpakka, 20% silke
  • 3 stk à 50 gr/50 m (2 stk uten dusk. Tips: lag dusk i restegarn)
  • Strikkefasthet: 16 m = 10 cm
  • Pinner: Rundpinne 40 cm og strømpepinner nr 6 mm.
  • Utstyr: Flettepinne, maske-markør, stoppenål, duskmaker.
  • En størrelse: «over-sized»,  passer hodeomkrets 54-58 cm. Størrelsen kan endres ved å bruke annet garn eller større el. mindre pinner.

Lettstrikket, lun og god «over sized» lue med enkelt flettemønster.

Garnet er mykt, men har samtidig godt hold, som passer bra til luer. Merino/alpakka/silke-blandingen gir en fin glans og resultatet er en lue som ikke klør.

Dusken er selvfølgelig valgfri. Mønsteret koster nkr. 20,- (via Ravelry)


Some progress on Landfall…

I really enjoy knitting “Landfall”, though it will be a fairly slow knit! The texture and the color of the yarn(s) really works, and I can so picture myself wearing this!

The pattern is well written, and I had no problems setting it up. I was spot-on gauge with my self-composed yarn and the yak/merino/lambswool/cashmere (in that order) creates a light and soft texture with a high stitch-definition. Just the right choice for a cabled jacket!

I would, of course, have liked to knit “Landfall” in the yarn it is supposed to be knit in: Brooklyn Tweed: “Shelter”. I haven´t had the pleasure of knitting with “Shelter” yet, but I hope I will in the future. The range of colors, the “tweedy” look of it and fact that they use locally grown wool for the yarn are all agreeable with my taste in yarn. But this yarn is not sold anywhere near here, and I was lucky enough to have almost all the yarn I needed for this in my stash. The cost of my choice in yarn(s) is approx.: nkr: 720,- / $117 / GBP 71. If I were to use the original yarn I would have had to pay the double + 25% import tax! I´m a single mum on a budget, and as my ever so clever Grandmother (Gerda) used to say: “Need teaches naked woman to make her own yarn*” (*=spin her own yarn). 😀

I´m currently 20cm (7,9″) on my way on the back-panel, just under 1/3 before the arms… I need to set myself agreeable middle-goals for this one… I´m not going to blog more posts about this project before it´s finished, but if you´d like to follow the progress, you can see my ravelry  “Landfall” project-page here:

By the way, I´m knitting this on my new ChiaGoo needles (metal), a gift from my former employer AG. Thank you so much!! These needles works really well with two strands of yarn held together… They´re pointy, and helps not splitting the yarn(s).

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I landed on Landfall…

BT 14  Landfall

BT 14 Landfall

I just knew I had to knit “Landfall” from Brooklyn Tweed 14.

So, I have started.

I had almost all the yarn in my stash, which is not bad considering the size of the project. I just had to order two more skeins of “Changthang” from Polo&Co. It´s listed as a sport weight yarn, though it has 400 m / 100g. I wondered about that when I ordered it, but it really behaves like a thicker yarn. It´s a 50% Yack- 50% merino yarn, and I absolutely love both the texture of the yarn and the color! It was also delivered very quickly!

The other yarn is “Blackhill Cashmere Lammeuld 17-2” yarn from Garnudsalg. It has 900 m  /100g, and is listed as cobweb weight. The color is “Rullesten”.

These two, held together creates just the right  gauge for my “Landfall” jacket. I´ve started on the back panel. The pattern is well written, the charts makes sense and I didn´t make any mistakes in the set up… I highly recommend it.

I can´t remember the last time I knit a garment flat. Must have been at least 10 yrs ago, if not more. Not my favourite, but I´ve decided to give it a go. It´s also nice to knit from an actual pattern for a change, and not always having to squeeze my brain on my own designs. But I hope you´ll cheer me on with this one, because I think it will take some time and patience to finish it!

…and yes, I have the best project-bag ever! That helps, -a bit!


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IMG_4064I´ve long wondered what to transform this yarn into…

It´s been brewing on my shelves for several years, and just like that, the perfect project popped up! Love it when that happens! The timing could have been better though, considering my current project(s)….

mslogoThe yarn is «Pan» from Telespinn. Telespinn is a Norwegian spinnery, placed in Flatdal in Telemark. They spinn their own mohair wool, from their own Mohair goats. They provide a lot of nice reading on their web page. Check it out for yourself (in english). I can also recommend their «Mari» yarn.

The great pattern «Tyrolean Stockings» by Ann Budd was published in 2007. www.interweaveknits.com-buddfront300_mediumThese socks will be perfect in «Pan». Can´t wait to cast on.