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Camp Loopy 2015…

I´m joining Camp Loopy 2015 – The Safari Edition! (you can read the terms here…)

I ordered 4 skeins of Swans Island Natural Fingering from The Loopy Ewe, in 4 colors, and intend to go on “Safari” in June, July and August – with three different projects – all Jungle inspired…

First up is the June challenge: I spy… and upon ordering the yarn I was put up in the Elephant group. I ordered all the 4 skeins of yarn at the same time – whereas the conditions for joining each month´s challenge calls for three different orders. The cost of shipping (not to mention the exchange rate at the moment…) would make this too expensive – which means I will not be put up for a new group when I enter the July – or August challenge… I´ll just choose my own “Jungle-theme” within the groups- and hope to get away with that…

Since the challenge was: I Spy… what´s more natural than using my own design: “iSpy“, and converting it into a Safari- inspired project?

So, here´s my June entering: “iSpy an Elephant“. It´s 50% done – shown with the inside out – and all the yarn ends left to be weaved in – can´t wait…IMG_6335

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Brevann – a summer tee…

Brevann is Norwegian for glacier water – just what this color reminds me of.

It´s knit top-down with raglan sleeves and v-neck. I´ve added two rows of simple rib (k1, p1), before the i-cord bind off. The front, back and sides have a faux seam, and the four different panels are knit in different lengths, creating a slightly asymmetric hem.

  • Pattern: My own (link to my ravelry project)
  • Yarn: 2 skeins of Luna Grey Fiber Arts, Aquila. Fingering / 4 ply, 80% Merino, 10% Nylon, 10% Cashmere, 397 meters / 100 grams
  • Needles: 3,5 mm / US 4

I´ve been doing a lot of sewing lately – due to a sore elbow. Too much knitting I´m afraid – and especially too much knitting using traditional 100% wool yarn, which I find harder on the arms. I probably knit too tight too… I have to do a bit of research on my knitting-technique – because giving up knitting altogether is certainly not an option. So knitting this summer-tee in this great merino/cashmere yarn was sort of a vacation for my elbow – sort of…

The great thing about sewing – compared to knitting – is speed! You can sew a lot of garments in the time it takes to knit a simple summer-tee… While the great thing about knitting – compared to sewing – is that you can knit almost anywhere, and you don´t need machinery and the same amount of specific tools…

A bit of both pleases me, and I´ve “re-discovered” my sewing-room – which has been left to collect dust and all the “bits & pieces” a home not necessarily knows where to put. So I´ve cleaned it out, and am currently in the process of finishing hibernating projects. I might give you “the tour” one day…

…and if the “thief” would most kindly tell me where my best fabric scissors are (because it´s not me…?!) …please? …pretty please?

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From my treasure-chest…

While searching through my substantial and treasured stash for something quite different – I found some embroidered edging for traditional Norwegian knitted sweaters / cardigans (kofter).


As far as I´m aware, this kind of edging was originally used on the historic “Setesdal-kofte”. Setesdal-kofte has been worn by men since approx. 1850 – and is today a part of the male version of Setesdalsbunaden. This kind of embroidery is called “Løyesaum”, and was only used around the neck and the sleeves, because the sweater was worn inside the trousers. It was not until the 30´s they started cutting the sweater open to a cardigan / jacket.

If you want to read more about “Setesdalskofta” I can highly recommend the book Setesdal Sweaters by the renowned Annemor Sundbø.

The wool embroideries are made on thin black or dark blue wool, and the sweater / cardigan is closed by pewter hooks. The left and middle pic. are the “Setesdal” pattern (link to ravelry), and the right pic. are the “Valdres” pattern (link to ravelry).

I´ll better add a suitable “kofte” for my edgings to my already far too long list of things to knit…

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A Purple Shawl…

I´ve finally finished my PurpleShawl. I started this in febuary, and it always feels good to finish an “in-between-project”, like this was, because I tend to get very tired of it in the end…

I decided this shawl was finished when the purple yarn was out. I haven’t measured it, but it goes twice around my neck and is featherweight. A great, colorful summer-shawl.

  • Yarn: Mithril by The Verdant Gryphon, col. Wild Pansy
  •          Italian Single Tweed by Garnudsalg, col Sol
  • Needles: 4mm / US 6

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Last February I knit this cardigan. I called it “Tiles”. It´s knit in a sport/dk weight alpaca yarn. It came out a bit on the big side, and the shoulders/sleeves looked horrendous! No fit whatsoever!!

I tried felting it in the washing-machine on a light circle. That did´t work, so I gave it another go in the machine – on the same circle – and BAM! Suddenly it was a bit too much felted… Like negative magic. Sigh!

After drying and some heavy blocking it was wearable, but the shoulders still looked odd – so I put it in the back of the closet and forgot about it.

The inspiration for this stranded pattern came from a cardigan (kofte) I saw once (pic 1). A week ago I found the original pattern (pic 2), and it´s called “Norrøn” (the old nordic name for nordic), and I admit the stranded pattern looks a bit Viking´ish. I liked the repeated simplicity in the pattern – and it reminded me of tiles… I made my “Tiles” from copying the stranded pattern from pic 1, and it turns out I´ve got it wrong. The original pattern has two more rows and two more stitches for every pattern repeat – but I don´t mind. I even think my version looks better… I also used this pattern in my Headband #2 (pic 3) from the last post. Suddenly there were too many signs concerning this pattern to let me keep on forgetting about the cardigan in the closet. So I found it and wondered what to do with it to make it ok? -and decided on using the sewing-machine to form the shoulders. It works – it´s not perfect, but it can be worn. …but I still want to make it again – just to get it right!