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Store Ringstind finished! (a while ago…)

tumblr_l6lily5w9l1qzvqipo1_1280The cast is off and the stitches are out, and my hand can slowly get back to normal. After a sunny Easter vacation my fingers are tanned, -but my hand is not! Looks funny, and it made me think of Alfred E. Newman and an issue of The magazine «MAD», many, many years ago:

The problem with wearing a cast on your hand, apart from the obvious unpractical ones, -is what to wear? Particularly what to wear when the activity in mind is particular, …like skiing. Will your Gore-Tex (or Down, or Fleece, or Primaloft) -jacket fit over the cast? And what about mittens?

Survival tip #1 when entering a Norwegian mountain-area is preparing for the worst. The weather can change in literally minutes, and shame on you if you´re not prepared! Well…. you might even die with your shame, ….and then your shame is not worth much! So, the clue is to fill your backpack 2/3´rds with security. I guess this rule applies to every mountain-area all over the world…

Two years ago we went to the Dormitor national park in Monte Negro, aiming for the highest peak: Bobotov Kuk 2523 m.

We reached the summit, and would highly recommend the hike! But on the way we met two young men from Sweden. They´d been wandering around in this national park for days searching for water! Being Scandinavian I can easily understand why they didn´t bring enough water of their own. Water can be found almost everywhere here and will, most likely, not be polluted or toxic. That´s NOT the case in Middle-European highlands, and my point is that you should always search for accurate information about the area you´re entering! We were able to provide these dehydrated, young med with 1,5 liters of water from our 2/3´rds secured backpacks, and also got the pleasure of seeing young men cry:)

So, though the weather, …and the weather forecast showed sun, sun, and only sun for the whole of Easter, I had to make sure my arm fit into my mountain gear. Luckily my cast was only fitted around half my arm, -to secure my thumb from moving, and I found a minimum of gear to fit. If  I had a broken arm, and a full cast, I´d been left in the city due to invalid gear…. Oh horrors!! (…or maybe not! A pair of scissors and some «Gaffa-tape» will get you a long way:))

Anyway, -the garment I wore the most this Easter was my «Store Ringstind» from this post. I´ve actually been wearing this almost daily since I finished it late February. I had to fish it out of the washing-basket to take these pictures….

You could put my whole upper-body in a cast – and it would still fit, and I love it! The New Zealand «Wool Company»´s Corriedale is a hard-wearing wool, but it still feels soft against the skin. The undyed «wheat-like» color has a natural warmth to it, and I´m very happy with the star-pattern. Though the sweater is long and oversized, the pattern does not look too insignificant compared to the rest of the sweater, -which could easily have been the case. All in all, -I feel I «hit the nail» with this design, and might work on it to be able to publish the pattern at some point…. Check out the sweater at my Ravelry project page.


Just brilliant!

Easter turned out to be great! My hand is much better thank you, and due to some pretty extraordinary weather, we did a LOT of this:

and a little less of reading and chocolate eating…..

There might be a lot to be said about Norwegians in general, -but we´re exceptionally good at at least one thing; -when the weather is great (read; sunny….) we drop all other plans in an instant and spend every spare minute outdoors! Go shopping? -nope! Vacuuming? definitely not! Feed the kids? -well, we´ll stop and get something on the way….. We collectively walk around like zombies all winter, excelling in the artform of «gazing-slowly-into-one-of-the-20-lit-candles-in-the-room». Your body seems to be screaming: Give me some light and some energy NOW, please!!!

So, this Easter people have been pouring out of every house, cottage and «hole in the ground»! I did´nt even know Norway contained this many people:) And they´ve all got skiis, sunglasses and the widest grins (except, of course, the city-people! They all had spring-shoes, sunglasses and the widest grins….) Well, this is not all true. This morning, listening to the radio, us listeners were, very accurately, made aware of Norwegian geography by a very offended, but also very positively ironic lady from the Northern-Norway. Norway is a very long, but narrow country, and the weather has been crap up north! And while they have struggled with snow, wind and fatal avalanches, the media has been filled with sun, more sun and happy southern people. This lady hoped to be spared of every talk about spring-shoes and garden-design until…. well, at least July!!!

In honour of this enlightining and entertaining woman, I´ll quickly jump to my next agenda: -knitting! I still can´t knit properly, and not for long at the time, but I´ve managed to finish this:

The pattern is frk. snupp´s Angora Lue (FWSS-a shameless copy). The pattern is free, but as far as I´m aware of, only in Norwegian. But since I´m full of energy, due to the sunny Easter (sorry Northern people) I´ll translate:

Note! (27th of oct. 2013) I´m adding an edited free pdf version of the pattern here: Ms snupp´s Angora Hat (FWSS – a shameless copy)

Ms snupp´s Angora Hat (FWSS – a shameless copy) 

(I´ll explain about the copy thing later…..)

Needles: 3 mm., US 2,5 (alt. 2,5 mm, US 1,5)

Yarn: 2 skeins of Pickles Angora (can be purchased here) I used some old Spanish Angora from my stash (old because it´s from the 80´s): Gala Angora: 50% angora, 40% wool, 10% polyamide, 10g = 50 meters. My hat weighs 32 grams.

Gauge: does not say, -but mine had 22 st(s) to 10 cm.

Measurments: does not say, -but mine: circumference: 48 cm, length: 27,5 cm.

Cast on 110 st(s) on needles 3mm (or alt.; 120 st(s) on needles 2,5mm) and knit in the round in stockinette st(s) until the hat reaches the top of your head when wearing (or as long as you want it before decreasing). (mine measures 22 cm before decreasing….)

Decrease 2 st(s) evenly in the next round = total of 108 st(s). If you cast on alt. 120 st(s), you don´t have to do this decrease….

The next round: *PM, k27* (*PM, k30*), until you have placed 4 markers around the hat.

This instruction applies to every decrease for the rest of the work: *k to 3 st(s) before marker, ssk, k1, sm, k2tog*.

1.th round (of decrease): decrease as instructed by the markers

2.nd – 3.rd round: knit

4.th round: decrease by the markers

5.th – 6.th round: knit

7.nd round and onwards: decrease by the markers in the first round, knit the second round, and repeat, until you have 12 st(s) left on the needles. (Change to double pointed needles when the work becomes too narrow for circular needles.) Break yarn (not too short) and gather all the remaing st(s) on the yarn end. Pull together and weave in the ends.

Voila! One finished piece of copied hat:)

(Any incorrection in this pattern is totally on my behalf, and any questions about it will not be answered…..)

Explanation: This original hat from the norwegian brand FWSS (fall, winter, spring, summer – not very imaginative – but then again…….) turned out to be a hit amongst the «fashionistas» in Norway this season, due to certain celebrities wearing it!

I can recall knitting heaps of theese hats in the early 80´s, ….the easiest hat to knit! I´ve knitted it in baby-pink, blue, moss-green and white. But as my ever so clever grandmother put it; «-if you´ve ever been there, fashion-wise, -you don´t have to go there again!» So I won´t! As of recent, I´m a teenage-mom, and will happily donate this hat to the younger generation in fear of being left on the pavement (with the newcome teenager on the other….. accompanied by an eye-rolling: «Aaaaww gaaad!»)

But some fashions just sticks! And you suddenly find yourself in the «middle of the street – fighting for the right to wear your latest purchase – done in good faith! So please don´t tell my daughter about my new spring-shoes! ….and by all means, don´t ever tell her we all of a sudden wear the same size shoes!!! IMG_3778


Double vacation….

My last posts has not been very jolly, and it would be great to bring some good news here. But not yet I`m afraid. First the cat sadly passed away, and then this happened! Note to self: don´t cut plastic-piping with knife!  IMG_3748

So now I´m on a forced knitting-vacation. And since easter-vacation is coming up, I´ll be the usual (?!) positive me and see it as an opportunity for a double vacation. No knitting, and a lot of this:images

«It consists of a thick bar, composed of wafer covered with milk chocolate, and divided into four fingers. Each finger can be snapped from the bar, one at a time. In shape and composition, Kvikk Lunsj is almost identical to Kit Kat, which was introduced two years earlier, in 1935.[1] On average a Norwegian eats approximately nine Kvikk Lunsjs every year, three of them at Easter. This means 4,500 tonnes of chocolate during the holidays. During the 1960s, Freia printed fjellvettreglene (Norwegian for “mountain sense/hiking sense”) on the back of the chocolate. Kvikk Lunsj is strongly associated in Norway with family hikes and (cross-country) ski trips in the mountains, which accounts for the increased consumption during Easter, when families often get together and ski trips are traditionally compulsory.» (from Wikipedia)

And this:IMG_0566Perfect for Cross-country skiing (hopefully also with just one stick….)

And I´ll be reading this:gone-girl-book-cover-homeThere´s tradition in Norway for reading thrillers during the easter-vacation. This year will be no exception…

Happy Easter!