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Color Affection and Levenwick finished…

I´m really too restless to knit a whole garment in garter stitch. I think the reason is that I tend to think it´s easy (which it is…) and I keep forgetting you actually have to put the hours needed into finishing it… But the result is great! I love it!

Pattern: Color Affection by Veera Välimäki

Yarn: Superwash 4 ply Blue Face Leicester by Old Maiden Aunt Yarns. I used nearly 100 grams of each color; Greige, Moody and Lon-Dubh (blackbird)

Needles: 4 mm

This was my second Color Affection. The first one was knitted in lace-weight yarn, using only two colors. You can see it in my ravelry project-page here. This Color Affection project can be found here. I call it “Color Puzzle”, because I was not sure which color yarn to use…

My Levenwick was really finished «ages» ago, but was left in the basket missing the pocket and suitable buttons. I´m «reasonable» well stashed when it comes to buttons (in the ironic sense…), but when I can be bothered to search through them all, I almost always end up with 6 perfect buttons when I really need 7, and so on… I need a project with, let´s say, 49 unmatching buttons to slim down my stash by approx. 5 %:) The reason for my substantial button-stash is explained at the end of this post.

Well, I´m very happy with the choice of buttons for my Levenwick (a gift from my boss; thank you AG!…). They´re hardly visible and let´s the contrast between the design and the yarn be the main focus. I ordered this yarn thinking it was grey. I still wish it was grey, but this way it´s great together with the Color Affection!IMG_3831

It´s hard to depict this color, which may be the reason why I ordered it thinking it was grey. It´s more grey than these pictures shows, but in order to show the details of the garment I chose these pictures… As I was in the process of mentioning; I love the contrast between the design and the yarn. To me, this design is quite “sweet”, -a short, side-buttoned, “feathers&fans” jacket. The tweed-yarn makes up for the “sweetness” and adds texture and “toughens” it down a bit, just enough to make it work.

This will wear more like a sweater than a jacket, due to the side-buttoning. If I were to knit it again I would add short-rows to shape the neck-line a bit. I can´t remember which size I knitted this in… (slapping my own head, and note to self: always to add such info to my ravelry-project page!), so I unfortunately can´t say if this yarn works with this design. But I think I chose size L, and if I did it stays true to gauge. If I, on the other hand, chose size M my gauge is far off…. but I´m almost sure I chose size L.

Pattern: Levewick by Gudrun Johnston

Yarn: Rowan Tweed DK 8 ply. Color: Gunnerside

Mods: Knitted long arms instead of 3/4 arms. The pocket added with the raw edges out.

Needles: 4 mm + 4,5 mm

My next project will also be blue. It´s my first Kauni project (my own design). The use of blue in this project is purely a coincidence mind you, since I´m currently dreaming of grey´s, greige´s, mandarin´s and coral´s…. Well, that´s life:)IMG_3835