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Where do you get the inspiration from?

I´ve often been asked that question… And the answer is; everywhere!

Sometimes it´s the skein of yarn itself that gives me a clear image of what it will look like as a sweater. It can be a color combination that begs to become a pair of mittens, or it can be a shape of a garment that I want to recreate in my knitting…

Once I saw this picture in a book. The book is “Sparat” by Celia B. Dackenberg. She is a Swedish author, known for her work related to handicrafts, and was the editor for “Hemslöjd” for many years. The book has several knitting patterns, mostly recreations of childrens-wear from the 50´s and 60´s.

I was fascinated by the picture of an American textile. It was the colors, the simplicity and the repeated pattern that made me want to try to transfer the pattern to a knitting chart.

That worked fairly well, and I knit a turtle-neck sweater. I loved the sweater, but after 10 yrs in the back of the wardrobe I had to ask myself the inevitable question; should I throw it away – or change it…

Unfortunately I forgot to take a “before” picture, but here´s what it looks like after the “makeover”. It´s already my “new” favorite cardigan! Thanks to my lovely model (and daughter). I am now the proud mother of a 15 year old…. Time flies… Happy birthday H!!


New pattern: “Winter Tires” / “Vinterdekk”…


Winter Tires / Vinterdekk

Scroll down for Norwegian / Norsk lenger ned på siden:

Twice a year you´ll find Norwegian car-owners breaking their backs changing tires. All 4 tires must be replaced by tires more suited to the environment. Winter roads can be very slippery (read; icy), and it´s required to be prepared for any road conditions. I guess many people will drive their car to a Garage and let the professionals take care of the job, -but not me! Oh no, I get my hands dirty twice a year! I´m currently down to doing the whole operation in 30 minutes. (*hearing applause*) Thank you!

Every spring I dress the car in summer tires. And every fall I take them off and replace them with winter tires. Winter tires are different from summer tires (which are the sort of tires you probably have on your car…), in many ways. The rubber used are different. The pattern, and the depth of the sipes, are different. Summer tires has a minimum depth of 1,6 mm, while winter tires has a depth of 5mm (min. 3mm). There´s a version of winter tires with studs in them (snow tires.wiki). I prefer those (feels safer), but they´re not good for the environment because they whirl up asphalt dust if the road is not covered in snow or ice. In some Norwegian cities you will be charged extra to use these tires. I´m environment-friendly in the sense that I use the non-studded tires (not that I find driving a car to be especially sustainable for the environment in the first place, -but I live in a quite remote area and need a car to get, well, anywhere…) But I do bike to work!


Winter Tires / Vinterdekk

I´ve called my new beanie/hat pattern «Winter Tires» because the texture of the cables together with the color of the bulky yarn reminds me of winter tires. You can chose to make it studded by adding silver beads! What a great idea!! Note to self! Must make spiked version…

  • Yarn: Bulky: Mirasol Yarn «SULKA» col. S 211 Black
  • 60% merino, 20% alpaca, 20% silk
  • 3 skeins à 50 g/50 m(55 yd) (2 skeins without the pom-pom.)
  • Tip: make the pom-pom in scrap yarn…
  • Gauge: 16 st(s) = 10 cm /4 inch.
  • Needles: Circular needle 40 cm and double pointed needles; 6 mm / US 10.
  • Tools: Cable needle, tapestry needle, 1 stitch-marker, pom-pom maker.
  • One size: Fits head-circumference 54 – 58 cm / 211/2 – 223/4 inch. The size can be altered by using another yarn, alt. change needle size.

Cozy, cabled, oversized beanie. Easy and quick knit.

The yarn is soft yet firm, and is perfect for a beanie. The merino/alpaca/silk mix adds a very nice shine and the result is a «no itch» hat.

The pom-pom is of course optional. The pattern costs nkr. 20,- ($ 3,25)

Winter Tires / Vinterdekk

Winter Tires / Vinterdekk


Jeg har kalt mitt nye luemønster “Vinterdekk” fordi flettemønsteret i det tykke, svarte garnet minner meg om vinterdekk. Du kan velge å strikke inn sølv-perler for å lage en piggdekk versjon…

  • Garn: Bulky: Mirasol Yarn «SULKA» farge: S211 svartmelert
  • Føres i Norge via “Du Store Alpakka”.
  • 60% merinoull, 20% alpakka, 20% silke
  • 3 stk à 50 gr/50 m (2 stk uten dusk. Tips: lag dusk i restegarn)
  • Strikkefasthet: 16 m = 10 cm
  • Pinner: Rundpinne 40 cm og strømpepinner nr 6 mm.
  • Utstyr: Flettepinne, maske-markør, stoppenål, duskmaker.
  • En størrelse: «over-sized»,  passer hodeomkrets 54-58 cm. Størrelsen kan endres ved å bruke annet garn eller større el. mindre pinner.

Lettstrikket, lun og god «over sized» lue med enkelt flettemønster.

Garnet er mykt, men har samtidig godt hold, som passer bra til luer. Merino/alpakka/silke-blandingen gir en fin glans og resultatet er en lue som ikke klør.

Dusken er selvfølgelig valgfri. Mønsteret koster nkr. 20,- (via Ravelry)

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Old Maiden Aunt “alpaca/silk”…

In my “Gerda´s Cardigan” I used Old Maiden Aunt´s alpaca/silk yarn. Lilith, the dyer is based in Scotland, and I´ve got more of her wonderful hand-dyed yarn in my stash! OMA´s yarn are just the sort of yarn to get me out of my tendency to always go for the gray/natural color-scheme!!

For this particular cardigan I started out with alpaca/silk in “Bitter Bug”. I´m not particularly fond of green, and it was a big step for me to press “buy” when ordering this yarn. But this color had some mysterious glow to it, …and I was right! To see a skein of yarn through a screen is quite difficult, but you seem to develop some sort of skill over the years. And I was right …this is just the sort of green I would wear, and that´s a very competitive category!!

I´ve been wondering how to describe this color. If I were to describe it using only words it would be: translucent, changing and “alive” like a recycled wine bottle, ..and at other times like seeing a tree through a fog… In other words, this color keeps changing due to the light (well, most colors are …but this one´s special…). If you have seen the film: Pirates of the Caribbean “The Curse of the Black Pearl”, you will remember the cursed pirates´ problems with the moon-shine…!?, this color changes accordingly to the source of light! From the most vivid leaf-green with yellow undertones in bright sunlight, to the before mentioned foggy green when overcast… I´ve spent hours trying to edit this color in iphoto… here´s a few examples:

After finishing the green version of Gerda´s Cardigan I wanted a striped version, and ordered some more OMA “alpaca/silk”, this time in “Mystery” and “Pumpkin Pie”.



Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

The color: “Mystery” is unfortunately discontinued, but the “Pumpkin Pie” is still available. This is the combination seen in the heading of this blog. I simply love this combination, and I want another striped one!! (my best friend – and model for the design got this one…) Here´s a few color-combinations I would consider:



…my piggy-bank just received a donation!:)

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A new blanket, I think…

…a blanket for me this time. I´m thinking garter stitch and the whole blanket in one piece in the “log-cabin” method…



I´ve got 1 kilo of this great 100% Portuguese wool, from the lovely Rosa Pomar´s store: Retrosaria

The yarn is called Beiroa, and this is how Rosa describes the yarn (from the web site):

100% portuguese wool yarn. Manufactured in Portugal for Retrosaria from the wool of Bordaleira Serra da Estrela sheep. Beiroa softens and blooms beautifully after washing.

Weight: Light aran. 
Unit weight: ±100g
Yardage: 273 yards (250 meters)
Needle size: 4 – 5mm
Fibers: 100% wool
Texture: single ply

I actually bought the undyed yarn a few years ago, and started a sweater project from the book: “Natural Knits” (Jane Ellison) / the Mirasol project. Great book with some very nice designs. But my gauge was way off, and the Beiroa has been brewing on my shelves ever since. Finally I know what to make, and that´s always a good feeling! So I had to add some more colors to my Beiroa stash, and ordered 1 skein of each of the colors: 515 yellow, 685 anthracite and 688 ocean

This will be a smaller blanket than my Big Blanket Project, and I know myself well enough not to set a finishing date!

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Just lovely…

Found this video on lovely Slagt en hellig ko´s blog.

Just had to share

Since 1955, Loes Veenstra has knitted over 550 sweaters and stored them in her home on the 2nd Carnissestraat in Rotterdam. The sweaters have never been worn. Until today.
The sweater are all presented in a book called “Het Verzameld Breiwerk van Loes Veenstra uit de 2e Carnissestraat” designed by Christien Meindertsma. This book is published by Wandschappen for DNA Charlois. For orders: http://www.dnacharlois.nl.

Loes and the fruit of her decades of knitting were ‘discovered’ by Museum Rotterdam. The museum has put her sweaters on display as part of the exhibition ´Over leven in Carnisse´ (Life in Carnisse)