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I know…

I know I´ve been neglecting this blog lately, and as a consequence of that I know it´s far too late to show off my 2014 knitting statistics in March 2015 – but I´ll do it anyway…

I knit a total of 23 240 meters / 34 projects in 2014.

Reading statistics – what I usually find most interesting is what it does not say – like; I have not knitted any socks in 2014!

In this summary of my 2014 knitting, I´ve chosen to compare the number of projects and what type of yarn, with the actual meterage of yarn used. The pie charts will obviously look different, but I was surprised to find just how different… If you look at the top left chart – 44% of last years projects were hats – but when you look at the meterage in the chart below, only 15% of the meters of yarn I used in 2014 were for hats. You might draw the conclusion that I knit lots of hats in aran / worsted / bulky – weight, and you are right!

One of my knitting goals every year is to knit more egotistical. Knitting is to me a creative outlet, it´s what I do when I can find time for it – and it´s been like that since I was a child. If you scanned my brain, you would find a little fire-red area buzzing constantly, there´s no off-button! Most other areas / interests in my life I can switch in- and out of, but not knitting. I am a knitter and I guess it´s kind of personal – you will have to be a knitter yourself to understand – I think… So my aim is to knit more projects for myself than I give away, – and if you look at the top right chart – you can see that I failed, again! Please, don´t get me wrong; I love to present friends and family with knitted gifts – or I would not have done it, but my aim is for the pie chart to show a +50% in favor of me. Luckily I compared the number of knitted gifts with the meterage of yarn used in these gifts, and the numbers went from 56% of the projects – to “only” 35% of the total amount of yarn. (Yes! she cried – hoping nobody was listening…) Which might lead you to conclude that the numbers of gifts include a lot of hats in aran / worsted / bulky – weight, and you are right, again!!

Over to showing you an actual knitted piece…

“Myk Icelandic”

Sorry for the quality of the pictures – the light is not picture-friendly in Norway during the winter. So I set out to get new pictures taken – forgetting that we´re witnessing a solar-eclipse today… there´s always something … every 60 years or so….! The weather is overcast and raining, so I can´t present you with a picture – but it´s definitely getting darker outside…

Pattern: Stutt rennd lopapeysa / Icelandic Zip Cardigan

Yarn: Myk / Sandnes Garn, a bulky weight yarn

Colors: 6 skeins of 1088 Coal + 1 skein of 1012 Ecru

Needles: 6mm / US 10

Notes: Bottom-up. Quick knit. Soft and very lightweight yarn. Short-rows in the neck to make it higher in the back. Added 4 st to each arm + only placed 8 st to each underarm instead of 10. Steeked and added button bands. I knit size 42 to get a size 40 – my gauge was little tight compared to the patterns gauge. I´m surprisingly happy with this cardigan – I´ve used it a lot! And equally surprised by the yarn – it looks great after a lot of wearing and the pilling is close to none. And though I would love to knit this in the requested wool-yarn, my cardigan is very light-weight, and can be worn under jackets/coats.

My next post will be about the impossible project – in many terms….