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Thinking of sewing…

I just can´t sit still! The thought of not knitting is so new to me, that my whole world in some way , has to be reinvented! Seriously? It feels like my personality is dependent on knitting!! …. So I´m thinking of things I can do when not knitting….

This is a post about thinking of sewing:

I consider myself lucky! I´ve seen both the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and the Aurora Australis (southern lights). When you live in Norway, the night sky occasionally lightens up in a spectacular live-show, -better than any tv-entertainment…. it might look like this:RPHsR1NuqyJXxWVLRwUBzQF_mwklEIe4WCp2QdF6RPbQ

I spent 6 months in Australia in ´89-90 (literally a century ago), and I had the opportunity to witness the Aurora Australis as well. The night-sky over a West-Australian farm landscape was covered inimages-1 something that looked like a sharp pink, slow-moving sand-storm. I´ve actually never witnessed a sand-storm, so this equation is pretty stupid really, -but I´ve seen it on TV, and to those of you not living in an arctic or antarctic area (Aurora Australis is the Antarctic equality of Aurora Borealis…), this might give you a clue as to how this light moves across the sky.

20 months ago, my dear Australian cousin gave birth to a baby-girl. Names were discussed, and she gave me a hint to which names they were considering. Amongst them was Aurora! (another one was Lily – to which I replied – maybe a bit too sharply (ehm!) that any woman of this family will never – and I repeat – never(!) be a prima ballerina, and will surely not break in the first spring storm….! We´re not the petite type. We can carry the load, …and look like we can carry the load too….:))

My mum actually sent me to ballet-classes when I was 7. So I know what I´m talking about. She drove for 2 hours each thursday, only to achieve a daughter who, ecstatically told her father afterwards that: «I ran faster than any of the other girls in ballet»! I only had to do 6 months of ballet lessons…..

So, of course I gave my thumbs up for Aurora! What better name to give an Australian baby who´s grandmother is Norwegian?

Aurora 3_2295-1So I give you Lily Aurora:) The most beautiful girl I´ve never met! (I just know!) My own girl is turning 13(!?) theese days and I can no longer make small girls dresses, so Lily Aurora was in my thoughts when I ordered this fabric a while ago. I´ve, by force, made the space around the sewing machine for mending lately, but I have to make an effort to clean out the room, and excavate the sewing machine properly in order to sew up a few dresses for Lily Aurora.

These are the fabrics I intend to transforme:):