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A new blanket, I think…

…a blanket for me this time. I´m thinking garter stitch and the whole blanket in one piece in the “log-cabin” method…



I´ve got 1 kilo of this great 100% Portuguese wool, from the lovely Rosa Pomar´s store: Retrosaria

The yarn is called Beiroa, and this is how Rosa describes the yarn (from the web site):

100% portuguese wool yarn. Manufactured in Portugal for Retrosaria from the wool of Bordaleira Serra da Estrela sheep. Beiroa softens and blooms beautifully after washing.

Weight: Light aran. 
Unit weight: ±100g
Yardage: 273 yards (250 meters)
Needle size: 4 – 5mm
Fibers: 100% wool
Texture: single ply

I actually bought the undyed yarn a few years ago, and started a sweater project from the book: “Natural Knits” (Jane Ellison) / the Mirasol project. Great book with some very nice designs. But my gauge was way off, and the Beiroa has been brewing on my shelves ever since. Finally I know what to make, and that´s always a good feeling! So I had to add some more colors to my Beiroa stash, and ordered 1 skein of each of the colors: 515 yellow, 685 anthracite and 688 ocean

This will be a smaller blanket than my Big Blanket Project, and I know myself well enough not to set a finishing date!


Biggest knitting-project of 2013…

My, by far, biggest knitting-project of 2013 was my “Big Blanket Project”. It was not my most difficult, nor the one that demanded my fullest attention to detail, but the largest, and in the end, the heaviest…

Big Blanket Project: my ravelry project here

Pattern: My own, but inspired by Murf´s “kryss her“, and “Mitered Crosses Blanket“.

Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Nepal: 26 skeins of 0506 Charcoal and 11 skeins of 0500 light grey. 50% Alpaca / 50% Wool, Aran weight.

Needles: 5,5 mm / US 9

Technique: Domino-knitting, 20 squares sewn together. No edging.

Measurements: Every square measures 33×33 cm; charcoal: 65 gr. + light gray: 27 gr.
The finished blanket weighs 2132 grams, to be exact, and measures 165 x 132 cm.

I´m very happy with the result! My daughter immediately claimed the blanket as her own, which I´m equally happy with… This blanket is an “ocean” of stretchy knitted fabric, and if you are like me – not seated in the coach for long at the time but constantly in and out, suddenly remembering to empty the dishwasher, putting a new load into the washing machine or simply just need a glass of water…, a blanket like this takes a bit of effort to wriggle out of… IMG_4530But if you, on the other hand, are a teenager strongly influenced by American TV-series, and therefore like to stroll around the house in short pyjamas´s all year ´round and in addition are “allergic” to everything itchy, this is your perfect blanket! And if you fit the before mentioned criteria you probably don´t have the urge to empty the dishwasher anyway…

That said; my new blanket is in my view a design-jewel! Very happy with the “look”! …and one jewel wrapping another… “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!”

I´m perfectly content with my old 100% Norwegian Wool blanket, …and best of all; I don´t have to share it anymore!