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Last February I knit this cardigan. I called it “Tiles”. It´s knit in a sport/dk weight alpaca yarn. It came out a bit on the big side, and the shoulders/sleeves looked horrendous! No fit whatsoever!!

I tried felting it in the washing-machine on a light circle. That did´t work, so I gave it another go in the machine – on the same circle – and BAM! Suddenly it was a bit too much felted… Like negative magic. Sigh!

After drying and some heavy blocking it was wearable, but the shoulders still looked odd – so I put it in the back of the closet and forgot about it.

The inspiration for this stranded pattern came from a cardigan (kofte) I saw once (pic 1). A week ago I found the original pattern (pic 2), and it´s called “Norrøn” (the old nordic name for nordic), and I admit the stranded pattern looks a bit Viking´ish. I liked the repeated simplicity in the pattern – and it reminded me of tiles… I made my “Tiles” from copying the stranded pattern from pic 1, and it turns out I´ve got it wrong. The original pattern has two more rows and two more stitches for every pattern repeat – but I don´t mind. I even think my version looks better… I also used this pattern in my Headband #2 (pic 3) from the last post. Suddenly there were too many signs concerning this pattern to let me keep on forgetting about the cardigan in the closet. So I found it and wondered what to do with it to make it ok? -and decided on using the sewing-machine to form the shoulders. It works – it´s not perfect, but it can be worn. …but I still want to make it again – just to get it right!

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On the needles…

bildeI really should be doing non-knitting related things right now. We have a big happening coming up which demands planning, organizing and quite a bit of sewing. More of that later…

I still find myself knitting – as always, and may feel quite annoyed, just by hearing myself telling myself to put down the knitting and go and do something more useful. Grown up? -not really…

Well, I´ll finish this post and go do something more useful. Promise!

Here´s what´s on my needles at the moment:



A “kofte” (cardigan) in Hillesvåg´s Ask (Hifa 2). I´m writing down the pattern, and enjoy every stitch of it. I need more yarn, so it will have to rest for a bit. In the meantime I can knit more on this beauty:



This is the result (so far…) of my visit to Lundegård Alpakka the other day. It´s going to be a shawl based on my Moscow Shawl Copy.

Wish you all a great weekend!

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I know…

I know I´ve been neglecting this blog lately, and as a consequence of that I know it´s far too late to show off my 2014 knitting statistics in March 2015 – but I´ll do it anyway…

I knit a total of 23 240 meters / 34 projects in 2014.

Reading statistics – what I usually find most interesting is what it does not say – like; I have not knitted any socks in 2014!

In this summary of my 2014 knitting, I´ve chosen to compare the number of projects and what type of yarn, with the actual meterage of yarn used. The pie charts will obviously look different, but I was surprised to find just how different… If you look at the top left chart – 44% of last years projects were hats – but when you look at the meterage in the chart below, only 15% of the meters of yarn I used in 2014 were for hats. You might draw the conclusion that I knit lots of hats in aran / worsted / bulky – weight, and you are right!

One of my knitting goals every year is to knit more egotistical. Knitting is to me a creative outlet, it´s what I do when I can find time for it – and it´s been like that since I was a child. If you scanned my brain, you would find a little fire-red area buzzing constantly, there´s no off-button! Most other areas / interests in my life I can switch in- and out of, but not knitting. I am a knitter and I guess it´s kind of personal – you will have to be a knitter yourself to understand – I think… So my aim is to knit more projects for myself than I give away, – and if you look at the top right chart – you can see that I failed, again! Please, don´t get me wrong; I love to present friends and family with knitted gifts – or I would not have done it, but my aim is for the pie chart to show a +50% in favor of me. Luckily I compared the number of knitted gifts with the meterage of yarn used in these gifts, and the numbers went from 56% of the projects – to “only” 35% of the total amount of yarn. (Yes! she cried – hoping nobody was listening…) Which might lead you to conclude that the numbers of gifts include a lot of hats in aran / worsted / bulky – weight, and you are right, again!!

Over to showing you an actual knitted piece…

“Myk Icelandic”

Sorry for the quality of the pictures – the light is not picture-friendly in Norway during the winter. So I set out to get new pictures taken – forgetting that we´re witnessing a solar-eclipse today… there´s always something … every 60 years or so….! The weather is overcast and raining, so I can´t present you with a picture – but it´s definitely getting darker outside…

Pattern: Stutt rennd lopapeysa / Icelandic Zip Cardigan

Yarn: Myk / Sandnes Garn, a bulky weight yarn

Colors: 6 skeins of 1088 Coal + 1 skein of 1012 Ecru

Needles: 6mm / US 10

Notes: Bottom-up. Quick knit. Soft and very lightweight yarn. Short-rows in the neck to make it higher in the back. Added 4 st to each arm + only placed 8 st to each underarm instead of 10. Steeked and added button bands. I knit size 42 to get a size 40 – my gauge was little tight compared to the patterns gauge. I´m surprisingly happy with this cardigan – I´ve used it a lot! And equally surprised by the yarn – it looks great after a lot of wearing and the pilling is close to none. And though I would love to knit this in the requested wool-yarn, my cardigan is very light-weight, and can be worn under jackets/coats.

My next post will be about the impossible project – in many terms….


This is Gerda…

Gerda as head of Haugesund Gymnastics Association ´64

Gerda as head of Haugesund Gymnastics Association ´64

-she was born in 1919, and lived to be eighty…

-a weaver by profession and an intelligent and creative maker of almost anything…

-she raised three daughters and survived two husbands, one bad and one good…

-she´d play any old sailor´s waltz on the harmonica with passion and humour…

-she kept the ´library-on-wheels´ alive almost all by herself…

-she´d read your fortune in the bottom of your emty coffee cup…

-an athlete: pictured here as head of the local Gymnastics association…

-a champion kayaker, ready for the European Championship in ´39, -but

she didn´t go…

Gerda w/ daughters ´56

Gerda w/ daughters ´56

-her Sunday roasts… oh her roasts…!!!

-she was a «bird-whisperer» …or at least she would´ve liked to be, talking to all the little birds every morning…

-her roses covered the whole of the south wall…

-my dear Grandmother, who tought me the skill of knitting, encouraged me through

all those first quirky little projects and praised the finished objects like they were art!

Gerda and Olaf ´67

Gerda and Olaf ´67

-she had the longest arms to catch you for a hug, had the best lap to sit on…

-she provided me a place to breathe and place to grow because her home was filled with love & laughter…

-her color was green… I think she would have liked this one…

-this one´s for you Mormor!

Gerda´s Cardigan in Bitter Bug

Gerda´s Cardigan in Bitter Bug

Pattern: “Gerda´s Cardigan”, or; “Gerdas Jakke” (norwegian version)

Yarn: Alpaca Silk – 80% alpaca/20% silk – Old Maiden Aunt

4,4,4,5,5 skeins à 266 m (290 yd)/100g. «Bitter Bug»»

Size: S-M-L-XL-XXL,

to fit bust cm/inch: 84/33, 90/35, 96/38, 103/40, 110/43

Gauge: 22 sts x 33 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Needles: circular and DPN`s: 2,5 mm/US #1,5 + 3 mm/US #2,5

Techniques: increase/decrease, provisional cast-on, steeks, pleats

Note!: If you don´t want to steek the garment, instructions for working flat is included.


New pattern: “Gerda´s Cardigan”


Gerda´s Cardigan, a new pattern added to ravelry.  buy now

Gerdas Jakke, samme mønster i norsk versjon.  kjøp nå

This cardigan is knit top-down in sport-weight alpaca/silk yarn from Old Maiden Aunt. The body is knit in the round by picking up stitches around the pre-knitted saddle, while you increase stitches to create the arms (my version of the contiguous-method, developed by SusieM). The cardigan has a fitted shape, and it´s most characteristic feature is the shoulder-saddle. It has a slight positive ease around the shoulders/upper arms, and no ease around bust/waist, with flattering pleats on the hips. The cardigan is knit in the round and later steeked. The pattern gives detailed instructions on steeking/reinforcing. The pattern also includes instructions for a flat version. Don´t be fooled by this cardigan´s casual look! The yarn adds drape and a luxurious subtle shine, and though the pattern construction itself is easy, certain parts of the pattern instruction calls for a reasonably experienced knitter. This cardigan will prove to be an essential garment in any wardrobe!

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large, to fit bust cm / inch: 84/33, 90/35, 96/38, 103/40 and 110/43

Gauge: 22 st(s) x 33 rows = 10×10 cm (4 inch x 4 inch)

Yarn: Alpaca Silk, 80% alpaca/ 20% silk (sport weight) from Old Maiden Aunt in color: Bitter Bug.

4,4,4,5, 5 skeins à 266 m / 290 yd / 100g.

Yarn: Alpaca Silk, 80% alpaca/ 20% silk (sport weight) from Old Maiden Aunt in color: Mystery and Pumpkin Pie. 2-2, 2-2, 3-2, 3-2, 3-3 skeins à 266 m / 290 yd / 100g.

Yarn: BabySilk, 80% alpaca/ 20% silk (sport weight) from Du Store Alpakka in color: 322 Gray and 323 Light Gray: 4-3, 4-4, 5-4, 5-5, 6-5 skeins à 133 m /145 yd / 50g.                                                          Model: HG

1470406_10151709688650876_318751612_nThis is Gerda! More of her later…