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Simplicity at it´s best…

Color-block ´90

Color-block ´90

A Norwegian commercial states: «The simple are often the best!». And though I seldom shop that brand, of convenience reasons, I can relate to the statement!

When I ramble through the many excellent knitting-blogs out there, a question knitters and designers often raise is; – what kind of knitted garments do we actually end up wearing? I guess this question is asked opposed to; – what do we enjoy knitting the most?

As an aspiring designer these questions are on the top of my list whenever a new design idea emerges from the notebook onto the needles…

So, what do I end up wearing?

I end up wearing the simple designs. It does not have to be the easiest knitting-patterns, – but the look of the finished garment needs to be «toned down» and not the “center of attention»… if you get where I´m heading….? I´ve got shelves full of «statement-knits» I never wear. Knitting them was a lot of fun, but when I stand there, monday morning, wondering what to wear, – these knits just takes too much of an effort to put on… which is a shame given the time it took to knit them! What a waste of good wool …or?



Fashion goes in circles, and this beauty was recently excavated from the bottom of a plastic container in the attic. I knit this in 1990! That is 24 years ago!! Apart from a distinct «old» smell I can easily get rid of, this sweater fits right in to todays «look»! The pattern is my own, – and I know this because I can clearly remember the picture from that German magazine that inspired me. I can´t remember the name of the magazine, but the picture showed a Annie Lennox-like model jumping from the pavement (sidewalk) over a rain puddle, wearing «worn-out» oversized jeans with rolled up legs and black dr Martens shoes, and a sweater resembling this, just in black with brown color-block! I also knit this in black and brown, luckily with picture proof! (knit in Garnsudio´s “Karisma” – and back then this yarn came in 100g skeins… and it was, to my knowledge not superwash…? anyone?…)

This gray / petrol sweater is knit bottom-up in “Rauma Finull”, and if there´s anything I would change about it to make it a bit more wearable for the fourty-something me, it would be to remove the turtle-neck and knit an edge, – not sure just how wide that edging should be, but I just know I would not wear a turtle neck! Not that I don´t like the look of turtle-necks, I just don´t like wearing them…

Which brings me to the conclusion of my Saturday thoughts… – I should, right now, have been on my way to Oslo, – a xmas / birthday gift from a friend, but I ended up back home «ferry-stuck»!, due to strong winds… and when arriving back home after an aimless attempt to cross the fjord, I had to «make the best of it» …so there´s some bread dough brewing on the kitchen counter, some lamb & coriander soup simmering on the stove and these thoughts to keep me from feeling too sorry about the whole situation!

The (still…) early fourty-something me has more or less the same taste in clothes as the twenty-something me had, only I´ve experienced that «liking it» does not always mean «wearing it»!… And my clue is «simplicity made simpler»…

Secret of Change IV

Secret of Change IV

frksnupp´s (fwss - a shameless copy)

frksnupp´s (fwss – a shameless copy)

…which is why I knit this a while ago: “frksnupp´s Angora Hat (fwss – a shameless copy)”. FrkSnupp is a Norwegian blogging knitter, and she has released this free-pattern. I translated the pattern to English, with frksnupp´s thumbs up!, and it can be downloaded through Ravelry here: I have written a post(s) about this pattern before, and you can find it here:

I have also cast on my 4th «Secret of Change» shawl by Veera Välimäki. This time in a dream of cobweb-thin 100% Cashmere… (thread held double).

Both patterns are long-time tested, and found to be really «wearable».

All good! Have a great Saturday!!

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Free pattern: Jungle Cowl (eng) / Jungelhals (no)

Scroll down for Norwegian / Norsk lenger nede på siden:

IMG_4234In the process of reorganizing my own patterns on the computer I found this pattern that I published on ravelry in oct. 2013. It´s a free pattern, and was published in English.

I´ve translated it into Norwegian, and both versions (English and Norwegian) can as of now be downloaded as a free PDF both from ravelry: “Jungle Cowl

…and here: “Jungle Cowl.eng” (PDF eng)

  • Yarn: Pt Mitu (50 % alpaca, 50 % wool) DK
  • Color: 100 g col. 75, coal mix, 150 g col. 61, light brown mix
  • Gear: circular 80 cm; 4 mm/US 6 + 4,5 mm/US 7
  • Size: Double around neck.
  • Gauge: 20 sts = 10 cm.

This is a leopard patterned one sized cowl, to double around your neck and keep you warm throughout the winter.
Pattern includes chart and written instructions. The yarn: Pt Mitu, is a DK weight 50% wool and 50% alpaca yarn, 100 meters to 50 grams. You need 150 grams of the beige/natural/light brown (col no. 61) color, and 100 grams of the coal/black/gray (col no. 75) color. The stranded pattern ends when you are out of the coal color. No need to worry about running out of yarn if you are stashed according to pattern, no matter what DK weight yarn you are using.


Jeg har rydda opp i mønstrene mine på PC én, og fant dette mønsteret som jeg publiserte på ravelry i okt. 2013. Mønsteret er gratis, og ble publisert på engelsk.

Jeg har nå oversatt det til norsk, og mønsteret kan nå lastes ned som en gratis norsk versjon PDF både på ravelry, via dette mønsteret: “Jungle Cowl” (husk å velge riktig versjon når du laster ned…

…eller her: “Jungelhals (no)” (PDF norsk)

  • Garn: Pt Mitu (50 % alpakka, 50 % ull) 100m / 50g
  • Farge: 100 g nr 75, koks melert, 150 g nr 61, lys brun melert
  • Utstyr: rundpinne 80 cm; 4 mm + 4,5 mm + stoppenål
  • Størrelse: 22 cm bredt, 134 cm langt
  • Strikkefasthet: 20m = 10 cm.

Dette er en leopardmønstret hals i en størrelse, som går to ganger rundt halsen.
Mønsteret inkluderer mønsterdiagram og skriftlig instruksjon. Garnet, Pt Mitu, er 50% alpakka og 50% ull, 100 m pr. 50 g. Du trenger 150 g av bunnfargen (farge 61, lys brun melert) og 100 g av kontrastfargen (farge 75, koks melert). Mønsteret ender når du ikke har mer igjen av kontrastfargen, så om du bruker et annet garn av ca samme tykkelse trenger du ikke være redd for å ikke ha nok garn om du har 150 g + 100 g.

Stikk innom “Sy med oss” i Kaigata i Haugesund om du vil se den ferdige halsen. De fører også garnet.