Knitting, design, wool and other gatherings….

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…only gathering of snow

IMG_3298I promised myself that this years xmas preparations would´nt include that much yarn and clicking of needles….. In vain I´m afraid.

So while I have no projects to show at the moment, the snow is pouring down and makes for nice pictures to show anyway:)




IMG_3317  IMG_3315 IMG_3320 IMG_3325




I was crawling along the forest bottom, looking for a nice picturte angle, -when suddenly this little Robin came towards me. Beautiful!




IMG_3345 IMG_3346


Really? Outside? ….but why? Indoors is nice and warm….

IMG_3348 IMG_3350


I´ll just sit here then! What? …no? Do I have to walk in this cold white stuff?

IMG_3354 IMG_3355

Hey! Don´t leave me here then! …….not enjoying myself, just as you know it!!

IMG_3356 IMG_3358

Hey look! These people made a path for me! They´re probably much nicer than you …I´ll just move in here!