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Selbu mittens III…


Selbu Mittens – new ones right

I´ve had an ongoing quest for “my” Selbu mittens the past years. As you can see from this and this post. And finally I got around to knit me a new pair! And they work perfectly! Already tried and tested in the snow.

The photo was taken with a gopro camera by a friend “Speed-riding” (link to a speed-riding video) down the mountain side (me on the right – and if you look closely you can see my Selbu mittens).

It´s the same pattern : Woman´s Mitt by Rauma Designs – but in a 100% wool yarn this time… I´ve used Hillesvåg, Hifa 2 in Charcoal and Natural White, a high quality 100% Norwegian wool yarn, and though my Selbumittens III came out a bit on the large side, I know they will felt enough to fit perfectly in a year or two… These are definitely knit to last for the next 10 years…

I´ve also finished the two pairs of Selbu mittens from this post. They are knit in another Selbu pattern: 5. Womans Mitt, also by Rauma Designs using the same yarn as in the ones above. I´ve knit this pattern before, as you can see from this post.IMG_5786

These really started as one pair of mittens… but you know the feeling when you suddenly realize both mitts have the thumb on the left…? So I had to knit two new mitts… Enough Selbu for a while! But the recipients were happy!


Selbu Mittens…

Long time! It´s been a busy summer, and the summer without knitting. And I mean NO knitting, whatsoever…
I´m currently teaching myself to “knit again”, and can proudly present a couple of pairs of mittens. They´re both from traditional Norwegian patterns I´ve found on “Eg sa strikk”´s blog.

The wool in both pairs are 100% Norwegian wool.


But why?

My resent endeavour in Selbu-knitting didn´t work out, and now this! My skiing-socks have shrunk! Some would call it bad karma …I would call it plain bad luck!

To some, this will sound like swearing in a church (so just close your eyes if you´re a bit fragile), I wash all my wool in the washing machine! If the wool can´t stand it, -well, then I don´t want it! (except angora of course, and that´s why I don´t own any angora…)

My wool is not superwash, it´s usually 100% pure wool, or wool mixed with alpaca, cashmere, mohair, camel, silk, etc. In my opinion wool comes from sheep, and other animal fibers are …well – other animal fibers. (Silk is a plant fibre.) Textile producers and me are not walking hand-in-hand on this issue, but that´s not my primary concern right now. My skiing-socks are!IMG_3740

My beautiful socks! They´ve kept me warm for miles and miles of skiing, hours and hours of mountain-cabin-after-ski-fun-around-a-board-game, and just sitting around the house in winter time.

I´ve got a fairly cheap washing machine, but it has a good wool-programme. I´ve put my skiing socks in the washing machine many times before. Closed the door and pressed the button, -in good faith.

I knitted my socks in 1997, cut the worn out feet off and knitted new ones in 2008, and they´ve never shown any signs of felting. So why did they felt this time? Did I press the wrong button? -don´t think so because the fellow garments came out all right. Did I use the wrong detergent? -don´t think so because I always use wool-detergent when washing wool. Did I fill the machine too full of wool? – well, maybe? Maybe that´s the case ….

In any case I have to knit my self a new pair. Luckily I have the pattern, and the wool is still avaliable. I´ve previously knitted 4 pairs (including my felted ones + my extra feet), so I know the pattern, and it won´t be that hard …… just booooring!! Why?!

Pattern: Raumagarn Nr. 1063, Men´s Socks

Yarn: Rauma Finull 2-ply

Needles: 2 mm and 2,5 mm.

Gauge: 29 st = 10 cm.


Ruined Selbu´s …but worth the ride!

I’ve reached summit no.one in 2013!IMG_0561

Spent a day with friends reaching Blåfjell (1392 m.)/Sogndalsdalen #Sogn&Fjordane. This was a perfect day for a free-ride on Telemark-skis! Sun, powder-alarm and beautiful mountains wherever you looked:) Tried on my new Selbu-mittens, and this is how they looked after 3 hours of walking uphill in minus 10 degrees celcius….

So I have to admit; I was wrong! Pure Abuelita thin merino felts a lot more than Rauma Finull! Who would have thought:) …but that just means I have to knit myself a new pair…. Because these certainly won’t last for 10 years…