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A Purple Shawl…

I´ve finally finished my PurpleShawl. I started this in febuary, and it always feels good to finish an “in-between-project”, like this was, because I tend to get very tired of it in the end…

I decided this shawl was finished when the purple yarn was out. I haven’t measured it, but it goes twice around my neck and is featherweight. A great, colorful summer-shawl.

  • Yarn: Mithril by The Verdant Gryphon, col. Wild Pansy
  •          Italian Single Tweed by Garnudsalg, col Sol
  • Needles: 4mm / US 6

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On the needles…

bildeI really should be doing non-knitting related things right now. We have a big happening coming up which demands planning, organizing and quite a bit of sewing. More of that later…

I still find myself knitting – as always, and may feel quite annoyed, just by hearing myself telling myself to put down the knitting and go and do something more useful. Grown up? -not really…

Well, I´ll finish this post and go do something more useful. Promise!

Here´s what´s on my needles at the moment:



A “kofte” (cardigan) in Hillesvåg´s Ask (Hifa 2). I´m writing down the pattern, and enjoy every stitch of it. I need more yarn, so it will have to rest for a bit. In the meantime I can knit more on this beauty:



This is the result (so far…) of my visit to Lundegård Alpakka the other day. It´s going to be a shawl based on my Moscow Shawl Copy.

Wish you all a great weekend!

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The “Moscow” Shawl – and it´s copy…

A few years back I had the opportunity to go to Moscow to visit the parents of one of my friends, who lived there for a few years because of work. We had a fantastic time and were very generously shown around the city by our hosts, who had acquired an impressing knowledge of both the language and the culture in only a short time.

What striked me most about Moscow was that my own image of what the city would look like was in many senses wrong. I imagined it to look more “behind the iron-curtain” gray and dull – it most definitely did not! So if you get the chance to visit Moscow – go! See the buildings, the metro, the parks. Visit the ballet, the handicraft markets, the museums and try the local cuisine. See the Red Square with the Kremlin and the Cathedrals. Everywhere you go you get a strong sense of the rich Russian culture and history. But this is not a travel blog…

Just below the main entrance to the Red Square I bought the most beautiful hand-knit shawl. Pensioners in Russia are in general very poor, and offering their beautiful handicraft is a often a way to make a better living …so I bought two shawls…

This one I love to bits. I have worn it so much I had to let it rest for a while – afraid it would fall apart. In fact I was so afraid it would be ruined that I had to make a copy of it – just to make sure… The shawl is most likely knit in a mohair/silk blend – the fringes are pure silk, and my worries were largely exaggerated. The shawl is still in a very good shape and will luckily last for many more years.

The lace pattern I believe is called “diamonds”. There are several knitting patterns available in this pattern, but I used this as an opportunity to test my skills in lace-pattern-writing. And I think the result is pretty close to the original, and best of all; I can read my own pattern – If I should happen to make another one later.

My Moscow-shawl copy is knit in 100% alpaca, -and is a gift for my friend HG, one of my Moscow travel-companions (I know she envy me the original shawl…).

News: “iSpy double hat” is less than a day away from being published!


My first KAL – Westknits Summer Shawl KAL


I´ve joined my first ever KAL – and the design that made me join was Vertices Unite by Stephen West ( Westknits). This was great fun, though I don´t think I´m really the KAL type of knitter… But thanks to Stephen West for a great, and especially FUN shawl design!


I´ll let the pictures talk in this post, but you can check out the details on my Ravelry project page here:





WalkCollection Suave DK, ebony

WalkCollection, Suave

“RittenhouseTown Wrap” by Jocelyn Tunney was recently published on Ravelry. It´s a free knitting pattern. I had in my stash WalkCollection´s Suave DK in the color “Ebony”, that I intended for another shawl. But when I found the Rittenhouse pattern I just had to try it, and it turned out wonderfully! I love it!! I´ve named it: “Wrap´n Walk”.

It´s a classic wrap/shawl that really looks like crochet…

The pattern says to use 3 skeins of a worsted weight yarn. I had only 2 skeins of a dk weight yarn. After blocking my shawl/wrap measures 72″ x 26″ (183 x 65 cm), which is amazingly close to the numbers in the pattern: 68″ x 25″. The only mods I did was to use thinner needles, 6 rows of garter st(s) instead of 8, and to cut the fringes shorter… I would prefer them longer, but was out of yarn.

The pattern is well written and the stitches easy to memorize.

I´m so happy with my Rittenhouse. The yarn is beautifully soft and luxurious, and the color is just the right shade of “faded” grayish brown. I can definitely picture myself knitting more of these shawls…