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Plucky Everyday v.2

Hi, I´m back!

I´ve just made some alterations in my “Plucky Everyday” sweater pattern. Though this is a free pattern that I´m not planning on spending much more time on, it bugs me every time someone notes me telling me they have difficulties reading the pattern.  It mainly bugs me because I would,  of course,  like to present the knitters out there with a pattern that works, and I would also like to know that the knitters out there have a reasonable pleasant time knitting my design no matter what they have paid or not paid, and no matter how many hours of work I have already put into presenting this pattern.

Plucky Everyday

Plucky Everyday

I´m grateful for all your feedbacks on this pattern and I´m sorry for not getting around to working through the pattern earlier. But now it´s done, and “Plucky Everyday v.2” now includes row-by-row instructions on shaping of the neckline, I´ve added one more needle size and made the neckline a bit more narrow.

I cross my fingers and hope this new version have corrected the difficulties some of you have experienced.