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Bjørk i Skumring…

I´ve finished all 4 of my “Mostly Purled” projects from this summer! I´ve shown “Cashmere Summer Top” and “Fog&Whisper” on this blog earlier. Now I´m presenting “Bjørk i Skumring“!

Yarn: Mirasol, Sulky Legato, lace weight
Color: Birch Bark + Twilight (100 grams of each color)
Needles: 3,5 mm
Pattern: My own
Technique: Top-down, short-row shaped shoulders, Boxy, 3/4 sleeves, v-neck

It weighs 205 grams. The v-neck edging is done in i-cord using a small amount of Tynn Alpakka in col. coal, from Du Store Alpakka. The tight 3/4 sleeves are knit by picking up stitches from the body. The yarn is great! Love the colors!
Thanks to my lovely model H!

I´ve yet to present the last of my mostly purled projects: the baseball sweater… I´ve just got to wash it first, due to a LOT of wearing …always a good sign…

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Winter ♥ II…

I´ve finished my second Winter ♥. The first one I knitted for my daughter, and I just had to have one for myself. It´s the perfect slouchy, oversized, raglan, longer-in-the-back, «goes with anything» kind of sweater, and it´s an easy knit on large needles. The yarn: Drops ♥ You #3, a «thick´n thin» alpaca/wool based yarn is knit on 5 mm ( US 8) needles, and produces an interresting texture without any hazzle… Great for this kind of garment!

This will be my new favorite, – as it has been for my daughter!

I´ve got more of this yarn, and I´m thinking of a grandpa-style cardigan, following the same pattern as in the sweater. I´d have to knit it flat with a v-neck and add button-bands and pockets …I think…

I´ve got a pattern for this sweater nearly ready, and though this is a very easy knit, I wrote the pattern for an «educational» reason. I wanted to show by graph and by pictures the way to do short-rows and how to shape a neckline. This sweater is knit top-down, a great way to knit a sweater, because you can try on the garment along the way and adjust the measurements to your size.

Knitting, and in particular knitting-design, includes a ton of calculating: yardage, gauge, numbers of stitches or rows, – and how does this all go together for the different sizes…? And I have some calculating left before finishing writing this pattern.

If you´re ever in need of a engineer to calculate the next lift-off to the moon or oil-drilling project in the North-Sea, call a knitting-designer! On the top of my head; – I would recommend you to call La Maison Rililie, Veera Välimäki, Helga Isager or Lene Holme Samsøe, – or any other designer. But please, don´t call me! I´m a novise at the game, – and by the way, I´m busy 🙂


Rip it or redesign it…?

I finished this sweater, way back, in ´93. The organic wool/silk yarn was bought in a health food store. I moved in the «middle of» knitting this sweater …that happens – depending on how long it takes to knit a boring sweater …and as we all know, that may take a few years 🙂

But I decided, at one point, to finish the sweater, and was in need of more yarn.

And here´s the story: That yarn was only sold in this store, and since this was before the internet I had to call around to find out what I already knew, this yarn was only sold in this particular store!, which was on an island on the west coast of Norway… I lived on the west-coast of Norway, but not anywhere near this store, and I knew it would take me a 5 hours boat trip, – and then a 2 hour bus trip to get to this store… In addition I had absolutely no reason to stay in this place, but could, if I used a bit of imagination, make this place / store a part of my journey to go to a destination of choice. So I made a 10 hour trip out of a regular 6 hour trip just to buy more of this yarn, …and here´s the thrilling bit: I had to persuade the bus-driver to wait for me while I ran into this particular store to «rescue» more yarn! And who do you think was «hanging» in front of the counter as I stood there, jumping and waiting to pay for my yarn before the bus left me with my luggage on board…? Yeah, you´re absoutely right: the «Oh hang on, I think I have a coin here at the bottom of my handbag, just give me a minute and to clear away all this junk…» -kind of customer! So I just threw the money on the counter and ran back to the bus, just in time to avoid the bus-driver from getting a fit…!!

So I made myself guilty of two crimes that day: one when I made the bus driver and all the other passengers wait for me, and secondly, and the most serious one;  when I made the owner of this particular store think that I stole this yarn, or at least cheated her. Because she had no way of knowing that I actually paid enough for this yarn! Which I did by the way, – I just did not have the time to wait for my change, and tried to wave the yarn in front of her to let her know how many skeins I ran out of the store with… I hope she didn´t lay awake that night feeling she had been robbed!

This sweater was in frequent use for some years, but now I think it´s time to either rip it or rescue it. I´ve got some more of this yarn, so there´s possibilities here…

Maybe I should cut it open in the front and make a shawl-collar…? Maybe I could add pockets and ribbing at the bottom of the body and the arms…? …*thinking*…IMG_4864

It´s interresting to see the difference in the yarn before- and after washing. The skein on the right in this picture has been washed, and the left one – and the yarn one on the needles – has not…

If I, on the other hand, decide to rip it I could make an entirely different garment …?

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I couldn´t help myself. I just had to cast on to see how this yarn looks on the needles…

…and I love it! Everybody needs a Lipstick red cardigan, right? I couldn´t capture this color right though. It´s really a bit less orange… bad light for pictures these days…

Yarn: see previous post. Pattern is my own design where I experiment with a shoulder-saddle followed by the contiguous-method, developed by Susie Myers.

IMG_4501I really have to pull myself together to finish my 3rd Still Light, which is my goal for 2013! Less than an arm left…

Pattern: A modified version of “Still Light” by Veera Välimäki. Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Baby Merino. Needles: 3mm.

What I really need is a DVD series I haven´t seen before, to keep my attention long enough to finish this arm. But in lack of such, I think I´ll put on my favorite; “The Borgias” season 1+2 for the n´th time, -or, tune my new Pinell DAB radio in to BBC Radio 6 Music and dream of 2014´s skiing-adventures… (no relation between the two…)

I´ve added quite detailed mods for my Still Light in my ravelry project page.