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From my treasure-chest…

While searching through my substantial and treasured stash for something quite different – I found some embroidered edging for traditional Norwegian knitted sweaters / cardigans (kofter).


As far as I´m aware, this kind of edging was originally used on the historic “Setesdal-kofte”. Setesdal-kofte has been worn by men since approx. 1850 – and is today a part of the male version of Setesdalsbunaden. This kind of embroidery is called “Løyesaum”, and was only used around the neck and the sleeves, because the sweater was worn inside the trousers. It was not until the 30´s they started cutting the sweater open to a cardigan / jacket.

If you want to read more about “Setesdalskofta” I can highly recommend the book Setesdal Sweaters by the renowned Annemor Sundbø.

The wool embroideries are made on thin black or dark blue wool, and the sweater / cardigan is closed by pewter hooks. The left and middle pic. are the “Setesdal” pattern (link to ravelry), and the right pic. are the “Valdres” pattern (link to ravelry).

I´ll better add a suitable “kofte” for my edgings to my already far too long list of things to knit…

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A Purple Shawl…

I´ve finally finished my PurpleShawl. I started this in febuary, and it always feels good to finish an “in-between-project”, like this was, because I tend to get very tired of it in the end…

I decided this shawl was finished when the purple yarn was out. I haven’t measured it, but it goes twice around my neck and is featherweight. A great, colorful summer-shawl.

  • Yarn: Mithril by The Verdant Gryphon, col. Wild Pansy
  •          Italian Single Tweed by Garnudsalg, col Sol
  • Needles: 4mm / US 6

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Headband #2…

Whilst I was on it…

This one is knit in Mirasol Sulka Legato in Birch (gray) and Twilight (purple). The stranded pattern is Garnudsalg´s single Italian Tweed in Sol (yellow). It´s lined with a thin 100% wool knitted fabric. The raw edges are sewn together using an overlock sewing-machine. Love it! …and best of all; I´m well off in the headband-departement for the next few years!

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On the needles…

bildeI really should be doing non-knitting related things right now. We have a big happening coming up which demands planning, organizing and quite a bit of sewing. More of that later…

I still find myself knitting – as always, and may feel quite annoyed, just by hearing myself telling myself to put down the knitting and go and do something more useful. Grown up? -not really…

Well, I´ll finish this post and go do something more useful. Promise!

Here´s what´s on my needles at the moment:



A “kofte” (cardigan) in Hillesvåg´s Ask (Hifa 2). I´m writing down the pattern, and enjoy every stitch of it. I need more yarn, so it will have to rest for a bit. In the meantime I can knit more on this beauty:



This is the result (so far…) of my visit to Lundegård Alpakka the other day. It´s going to be a shawl based on my Moscow Shawl Copy.

Wish you all a great weekend!


Lonely Tree Shawl II…

I´ve just knit the “Lonely Tree Shawl” for the second time. This pattern from Sylvia Bo Bilvia, a hit on Ravelry, recommends a worsted weight yarn. The first time I used a fingering weight alpaca yarn, and had to knit the pattern chart twice to get it big enough. This time I used Merino Worsted from Abuelita Yarns. Both shawls are gifts, -so I guess I will have to knit a third one. I want one too….


Still Lonely Shawl:IMG_3230_medium2

IMG_5867_medium2Speaking of shawls – I have this shawl on my needles. I´m making it up as I go, but It´s clearly influenced by a Veera Välimäki shawl, only a bit different. We´ll see how it ends up looking… The purple yarn is The Verdant Gryphon´s Mithril in Wild Pansy, and the yellow is Garnudsalg.dk´s Italian Single Tweed in Sol.

We have two days left of the Easter holiday here, and are currently busy skiing. The weather is fine and the snow is perfect! Not much time for knitting I´m afraid…